Samsung Galaxy Note 3 No Show at MWC 2013; Release Date Set on Q2 2013?


Samsung already unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona but the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is missing in action.

iDigitalTimes reported that the Galaxy Note 3 release date is pegged for Samsung's Q2 (summer 2013) just in time to compete with Apple's next iPhone launch.

Industry analysts predict that Samsung will unveil the highly anticipated Galaxy S4 in April 2013 before announcing the Galaxy Note 3 release date for either late Q2 or early Q3; in layman's terms that probably June or July, which just happens to be around the same time we expect Apple to launch their next iteration of the iPhone.

"The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date might be scheduled for late Q2 2013 or early Q3 2013, in an attempt to bite a large chunk of iPhone 5S' market share pie," Android Geeks stated.

The tech blog made a pessimistic prediction that the upcoming phablet will be released in September.

According to the website, "since the latest reports are showing that Apple will set the iPhone 5S release date for June, we might even see the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in flesh at IFA Berlin 2013, held between September 6 - 11. Or maybe Samsung will unveil its next-gen tablet in a separate event  a week before IFA Berlin, so all the media will be focusing on their new release."

It is speculated earlier that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would make its grand debut at the ongoing 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The rumours are fuelled by the significant price drop of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at some resellers early this month.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 remains one of the most popular smartphone models on the market, after quickly becoming a commercial success since its launch back in September 2012. The device is of course a follow-up to the original Samsung Galaxy Note, which was launched in 2011.

On the other hand, the latest rumours claimed that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will have Air View-like capabilities both when using the S-Pen and your finger. As you probably, the Galaxy Note 2 already has a floating touch gesture feature, but, for the time being its functionality is only limited to the proximity sensor. The device will also boot an improve S-Pen stylus.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also rumoured to have a massive 6.3 inch flexible screen display and Samsug's newest eight core processor. Samsung is also speculated to put a generous 70% increase in battery life, and at this time wireless carrier availability and pricing has not been revealed.

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