Samsung Galaxy Note 3 New Rumor Made by HTC PR, Says Blogger


Samsung would include a metal chassis and ditching its plastic body, according to new rumors.

Being that Samsung is also known for putting out devices that have been boldly made from a hard plastic as opposed to glass or metal like other companies' devices, there's been a great deal of surprise in the media world as we have learned the company may now be releasing the Galaxy Note 3 in metal.

Yesterday, a slew of tech sites reported that Samsung's third-gen phablet would ditch the Note range's plastic construction for weightier, premium materials. The move was said to be inspired by the glowing reviews for the aluminium unibody exterior of the HTC One, which we were told left Samsung "worried" that its handset looked and felt low-end in comparison.

However, according to Mobile Review Editor and all-round mobile motormouth Eldar Murtazin, the story was the work of HTC's press department and not based on fact. The blogger gave kudos to HTC's PR.

However, most reports attributed the story to Samsung-centric website SamMobile, which claimed they were tipped off by insiders.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to make its debut in the third quarter of this year. Rumours point to possible September release date. There are speculations that Samsung will hold the announcement of the Note 3 on the annual IFA event in Berlin. The said launch will allow Samsung to maximize its profits and to complete the tried-and-tested September product cycle of the Galaxy Note series.

It is initially speculated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would make its grand debut at the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week in its keynote. The rumours are fuelled by the significant price drop of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at some resellers early this month.

However, Samsung neither confirmed nor denied the rumours surrounding its devices. 

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