Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4 KitKat Problems: Samsung Issued an Accessory Compatibility Feature Under Android 4.4?

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While the rest of the world still needs to receive the Android 4.4 KitKat update, a number of Galaxy Note 3 owners have been able to install it already. However, following the upgrade, many complained about third party cases not working. With problems persisting, some users are wondering whether Samsung is gearing up for a "Made for Samsung" accessory program. It seems the company is working on becoming more exclusive.

For those who own a Galaxy Note 3 and wish to update to Android 4.4, a number of sources advise checking the phone's case first prior to updating. There are reports saying that the software update has been causing incompatibility issues with third-party cases for the Note 3. The problem becomes prevalent once users have switched to Android 4.4.

There are sources pointing out that software will not cause a problematic phone case immediately. Nor would it stop a phone case from working as a protective handset cover. The issue lies on the additional functions found on third-party cases. For instance, users sleeping with their phones closed and data showing through the screen for a range of tasks may not work following the update.

It was in October 2013 when reports surfaced saying that Samsung was working on identification chips for its smartphones and accessories. The chips will ensure that handset owners will purchase "certified" accessories. However, Samsung did not make an official comment about such reports. Nonetheless, the company published a statement about its current status in AllAboutSamsung in Germany. Translated copy says:

"To ensure a pleasant and smooth user experience with Samsung products for our customers, we recommend that only original accessories from Samsung to use. Of course, customers can continue to rely on third-party accessories. The full functionality of our devices and accessories, however, can only be ensured with genuine Samsung components, since only in this way it is ensured that equipment and accessories are perfectly matched. A correlation between the Android version 4.4 and the supposed incompatibility of third-party accessories does not exist."

Given the software hack that can bypass accessory verification, it seems that that Android 4.4 update for Samsung devices does test for accessory compatibility. Technically, the statement from Samsung is possible. It is not the Android 4.4 KitKat that conducts verification. It is the company's modification to the update.

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