Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. HTC Droid DNA: Premier Phablet Face-Off [VIDEOS]

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There will be an intense competition in the Android smartphone market as two powerful devices will try to claim the top spot. These two devices are Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and HTC Droid DNA, which will soon be available to consumers.

The Droid DNA is the rumored 5-inch phablet that is not yet official. However, some of its features have leaked out these past few weeks. Many people claimed that the HTC Droid DNA is the international version of the HTC J Butterfly, a smartphone released exclusively in Japan.

Verizon hinted that the device will be available in the US via their network. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be available worldwide by the end of November. Pre-orders are expected to open on November 27.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the massive tablet of the South Korea-based hardware manufacturer. It was first introduced at IFA Berlin Event. It boasts a huge 5.5 inch screen display, long battery life and S-Pen.

Below is the comparison of some of the specs and features of the two devices.

Screen Display - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a massive 5.5 inch Super AMOLED HD display with 1280×720 resolution. HTC Droid DNA has a 5-inch LCD-3 Full HD 1080p Display.

Processor - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is powered by 1.6GHz Quad-core Exynos Processor with 2GB of RAM, which go against 1.5GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor with 2GB of RAM.

Storage - HTC Droid DNA has 16GB of internal storage plus a microSD slot. Samsung's phablet is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants.

Camera - The second generation of Galaxy Note is equipped with 8MP rear camera and 1.9MP front-facing shooter. HTC Droid DNA has the same specs with 8MP back camera and 2MP front camera.

Battery - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 reigns supreme in battery life as it has 3100mAh battery compared to HTC Droid DNA's 2020 mAh battery.

Release Date - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is already official and is expected to arrive later this month. HTC Droid DNA is still mysterious. However, release date is leaning towards December.

Watch the videos of the two phablets below.

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