Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window Feature Comes to Galaxy Note 10.1 through ‘Premium Suite’ [VIDEO]

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The most loved Multi-window feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will come to the Galaxy Note 10.1 as part of Androidv4.1 Jelly Bean update for the device.

Samsung gave a preview of its Premium Suite, a number of Samsung-specific software changes that will add new features to the device. The Premium Suite will be included in the latest Jelly Bean upgrade for the tablet.

One of the features included in the pack is the Multi Window feature similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Multi Window allows users to open and run multiple apps in a split view that can be adjusted. Windows can be repositioned or resized.

Another feature included is the AirView, which was first introduced in the Galaxy Note II. This feature uses the S Pen to trigger previews of content. Air Play is a similar feature that allows you to play videos while viewing other apps.

Samsung's latest tablet, Galaxy Note 10.1, arrived in Australia last August and consumers immediately loved the hardware features of the device. With the release of the tablet, the company aims to extend its supremacy in the tablet market currently dominated by Apple.

Some of the key features of the device include a 10.1 inch screen, 5 megapixel camera, S-Pen functionality and quad-core processor. The tablet has the same starting price as the iPad 3. However, the 3G version of the Note also adds voice calling functionality, something which could appeal to business users.

One of the prime features of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is its multitasking feature. This feature allows you can run two or more apps at the same time.

Samsung packed a lot in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. First, the device has Anroid 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as its software but we can expect a Jelly Bean update in the future. The Note 10.1 also has Samsung's TouchWiz, Polaris Office and Adobe Photoshop. All of this allows you to do a lot of things in the tablet without the need to download the apps.

One of the features that set Galaxy Note 10.1 apart from other tablet is the S-Pen. With the stylus, it is easier to navigate and take down notes with the gadget.

See the video below for the complete introduction of the various features in the Premium Suite for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 you will get once you upgrade in the latest Android Jelly Bean.

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