Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Cheap Cyber Monday Deals: Where Australians Can Buy

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Many people are waiting for Cyber Monday to get their hands on the latest smartphone from Samsung - Galaxy Note 2, which will be sold at a cheaper price.

Cyber Monday has been an annual tradition in the United States where stores and retailers are offering deals and discounts on certain items online. Australians quickly adapt the phenomenon and participate in Cyber Monday as some sites also offer very low shipping fees.

Australia attempted to create its own Cyber Monday through Click Frenzy. However, the attempt failed. Following the supposed failure of Austrialia's Click Frenzy due to website crash, some Aussies will take advantage of US websites offering deals and discounts on various items.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 wowed Aussies at a fancy launch event in Sydney early this month as the device finally hit Australian shores.

Samsung's phablet made quite a buzz overseas since its release last August 29 at the IFA Event in Berlin, Germany. It boasts some amazing features such as incredibly fast processor, massive screen display, S-Pen and 4G/LTE connectivity. Below are the comparison of the specs and features of the two devices.

Many critics and reviewers doubt the appeal of the phablet at first. However, its massive screen display and other features attracted consumers.  Samsung Galaxy Note 2's S-Pen also lured buyers to purchase this smartphone-tablet hybrid device.

The Galaxy Note 2 has a tag price of $899. At the launch event, Samsung demonstrated some special perks of the device for Aussies. The device will offer a split-screen mode on the smartphone-tablet hybrid, which allows users to open two apps at a time.

In a recent report, a spokesman from Samsung said that Galaxy Note 2 surpassed that 5 million mark after it went on sale worldwide.

Below are some of the places and websites that you can check out to buy a discounted Samsung Galaxy Note 2:

Australian Carriers - Australia's top three mobile networks, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, are cited to offer the aforementioned device within their affordable plans. You can get discounts if you will upgrade your existing phone. Optus are already shipping the device to those who pre-ordered. Telstra will be stocking the device on the first quarter next year.

Samsung Stores - Although still unconfirmed, the Samsung Store in Sydney may give out some discounts to consumers. Samsung may offer discount when you decided to upgrade your old handset.

Online Stores/Retailers - For some of the best deals online, check out online stores or retailers such as Daily Steals,  MobiCity, Kogan, etc. Kogan offers the Galaxy Note 2 for $559, which saves you $250. MobiCity, on the other hand, offers the phablet for $619. While Shopbot sells the device for $558.97. Buying from online retailers is way cheaper than buying it outright through carriers as well as from Samsung's Experience Store in Sydney.

Buy and Sell Websites - There are a lot of offerings of unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in eBay and Amazon. The price ranges from $600-$700 exclusive of shipping fee.

Direct Owners - You can also make a deal with former owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 who want to sell their handset to buy a new one. Due to the inception of Apple iPhone 5, LG Nexus 4, HTC Droid DNA and other smartphones, some owners decided to give up their Galaxy Note 2s. You can search classified ads website such as craigslist and the likes. 

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