Samsung Galaxy F Series to Compete with Apple iPhone 6, New Samsung SM-G110 Spotted and More

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Samsung Galaxy F series promises to be a handset to watch out as recent leaks hint that it will be Samsung's first foray into the ultra high-resolution market. According to recent information, the upcoming device will feature 2K display resolution. Likewise, the Korean tech giant will also be gunning for all-metal casing for a more premium appeal. Will the Samsung Galaxy F be the contender against Apple's upcoming iPhone 6? 

According to a report by Phone Arena, Samsung executives may have denied reports about the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime but they did not say the Samsung Galaxy F-line is non-existent. The Samsung Galaxy F-line will be a premium or luxury series that will feature top notch functions on upcoming devices. Some of these include a Quad HD display, higher price tag, premium design and limited numbers. 

The combination of premium features may prove successful for Samsung especially since the market has been looking for a more premium flagship from Samsung. If Samsung will push through with its Galaxy F series, it will compete against LG G3. According to reports, LG G3 will also feature a Quad HD screen. 

The Korean media noted that the limited number of supply is only natural because Samsung cannot manufacture Super AMOLED displays with 1440x2560 pixels in larger quantities. Likewise, producing this type of panel is costlier than to create a QHD screen through LCD technology. The latter is the same process LG will reportedly use for the G3. 

If Samsung can push through with the display then it will be offering a more standout feature than most competitors. Along with this, it appears Samsung is intent on catering to every part of the market. According to a report by Uber Gizmo, a new Samsung handset has been spotted. The latest leak revealed that the Samsung SM-G110 is up and running Android 4.4 KitKat. 

The report also noted that Samsung intends to include the Samsung SM-G110 as Pocket brand. Other reported specs include 3.3" touch screen dislay, 240 x 320 resolution and 1GHz processor with a ARM Cortex-A7 architecture.

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