Samsung Galaxy Camera Compared with Nikon D3200

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The South Korean tech giant Samsung has announced the roll out of a new electronic device in the later part of 2012, the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The brand name Galaxy indicates that its operating system is the Android but this time it is merged to a digital camera.

What makes it so special compared to other digital cameras? Below is a comparison of the Galaxy Camera it with the Nikon D3200, a DSLR camera randomly chosen face to face with Galaxy Camera.


Samsung Galaxy Camera

Nikon D3200


16 MP

24.1 MP

Screen Size

4.8 inches

3.0 inches


1080 @ 30fps

1080 @ 30fps


Corning Gorilla Glass

High Durable Materials


Contrast Detection

Phase Detection

Image Stabilisation



Record for High Speed Movies

120 fps



Android OS Jellybean

ISO Boost

Generally, Nikon has high-powered capacity for high-speed movements during photo capture and in movies as well. When it comes to lighting, the ISO Boost of 12,800 provides users balance during low-light condition without degrading the brightness or contrast of images captured. Nikon D3200 also has a high MP compared to the Samsung Galaxy Camera which definitely works well with its other lens features for that Nikon moment.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Camera has the Super Clear LCD touchscreen protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass against scratches and impact damage when scanning files. Another thing which makes this one different is the Android OS. Using that OS allows the user access to social sites and applications by using Wi-Fi and direct connection to Google Play.

Both are powerful on their own ways. Nikon D3200 is for consumers who want to get in touch with their inner photographer instinct and amateurs who want to start this hobby or maybe as a new career since this digital camera gives users the best captured moments and candid scenes imaginable.

In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy Camera is best for tech fanatics because this device will turn any captured photos or videos into a masterpiece in the world wide web. The Android capability allows users to download applications for image editing and upload it right away to blog sites or social networks. It defines an impeccable versatility right inside the digital camera, not anymore exclusive to the smartphone.

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