Samsung Galaxy Alpha Confirmed with 720p Screen; Updates on the Tizen Smartphone Release

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Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha Photos Look Alike iPhone REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won

With all the rumours, speculations and leaked images for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, it's almost hard to keep track of what exactly the device will be offering to the table.

Previously thought to be the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime or the Galaxy F, smartphones that are supposedly slated to feature a metal body to bring up Samsung's phones to a more premium level, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha has even been thought to be just another smartphone in line for the South Korean company.

While the latest rumour had been that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is actually more of a mid-range rather than a premium smartphone, the latest rumour seems to be going along with this particular train of thought.

SamMobile has found another source that supports this latest possibility, wherein a developer for Samsung has allegedly confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be sporting a 720p display.

This new information hails from the developer console from Samsung, assuring that the Galaxy Alpha may be a line of device of its own, instead of offering the high-end and premium version of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5. The source reiterates this, stating that the device will be launching as "Samsung Galaxy" instead of "Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha," which could suggest a premium flavour.

This does not mean that a metallic frame is no longer in order, but the use of faux leather as a back cover instead of an all-metal frame is more plausible. The source points yet again to a possible August unveiling, which should not be too long from now.

Release of Tizen Smartphone from Samsung Delayed

It looks like the Tizen phone from Samsung will be looking at a delay for its plans in Russia, with the main reason pegged to be the need for the brand to develop a more extensive app base.

According to CTV News, the "ecosystem" of Tizen needs to be developed even more before it can be launched, and the postponement is designed to do just this. The delay does seem to be indefinite at best, as Samsung has not yet announced a new release date, but this could mean that there is a lack of support for the Tizen brand from app developers in the meantime.

Samsung has been very reliant on the Google Play Store for its devices' app needs, and given the user base that Google already has, it seems that its plan to slowly breakaway from this OS is not as effective or fast enough as planned.

Hands-on with Samsung Z Tizen phone (via YouTube/CNET)

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