Samsung Curved TV Sets: With Ultra HD/4K, 105-inches Model; Check Out the Features, Sizes, Models, Pricing & Launch Date

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Samsung introduced a series of exclusive Curved TVs with 4K (a.k.a Ultra HD or UHD) resolution. The company also furnished the official pricing (well in advance) for some of its 2014 TV models. Notably, most of them were premised at CES 2014 in January.  

Before immersing ourselves with the model and pricing details of these Curved TVs, let us get to the obvious question:

Why Would Anyone Buy a Curved TV?

According to Samsung, curved TV models make the screen/display look bigger, better and focused from any angle/position.

Even though the TV is curved, users can still mount the TV on the wall. Without a doubt, curved TVs are spectacular with their sheer size and design, but can they live up to the hype?

Here is a cumulated set of details on the TV models, features, pricing and launch dates from CNet and Mashable.

Samsung's Humongous Curved TV Model (105 inches)

- The 105 inches model is curved with UHD display and the screen is ultra-wide (with 21:9 aspect ratio).

- Unfortunately, the price for this gigantic TV set was not announced.

- But Samsung might start shipping this model later this year.

Samsung's U9000 Series of Curved TVs

- Samsung's U9000 series with UHD promises 4 times the resolution of full HD.

- The U9000 series provides 3 screen sizes; a 55 inches model at $3,999.99, a 65 inches model at $4,999.99 and a 78 inches model at $7,999.99.

- The 55 inches and 65 inches model can be expected on sale in March.

Samsung's U8700 Series of Curved TVs

- This series will have UHD resolution & also houses a local dimming of the back-light feature.

- The bezel around the display is downsized to 0.27 inch. This means, you will see only the screen and not the border or the perimeter.

- The U8700 series of curved TV sets can be expected in the spring of this year.

- The price was not disclosed for this series.

Samsung's U8550 Series (Cheapest Flat UHD Model - With No Curve)

- Samsung's UHD TV sets start at $2,499 for a 50 inches model.

- While Vizio, on the other hand is priced at $999 for the same UHD 50 inches model. Also, Vizio has a picture quality advantage over Samsung. Vizio boasts a full-array local dimming compared to Samsung's edge-lit variation, claims CNet.

- Here is the price breakdown on the rest of the available sizes: $2,999 (55 inches); $3,499 (60 inches); $3,999 (65 inches); $5,999 (75 inches)

- This series can be expected to be on sale from March with their 55 and 65 inches model and the rest of the sizes can be expected in May.

Samsung's H8000 Series (With Full-HD Instead of UHD/4K Resolution)

- This Curved TV's starting price is set at $1,999 for a 48 inches model.

- This is priced at $3,999 for a 55 inches model and $2,499 for a 65 inches model.

Are you game for a Curved TV? 

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