Samantha Ronson ‘Happy and Healthy’ After Dumping Ex-Girlfriend Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan may be on her way to recovery, but her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson is already there. The British disc jockey was called “toxic” by Lohan herself, but apparently, Ronson is doing much better after dumping the American actress.

Ronson, 36, had an on-off relationship with Lohan in 2008, but things didn’t run smoothly for the couple. They were bombarded with controversies during their time together, with Lohan often coming across to the public as the obsessed one.

Lohan was reportedly even banned from a popular Los Angeles nightclub after she threw a glass at Ronson in 2010. Ronson’s twin sister, designer Charlotte Ronson, and their mother, Ann Dexter-Jones, even sought a restraining order from the “Mean Girls” star in 2009.

Lohan and Ronson’s three-year relationship may be over, but Lohan couldn’t stop talking about her, calling the DJ “toxic.”

But according to, Ronson is having a much healthier life now that she has gotten rid of Lohan.

“Sam has made positive changes in her life,” a source told the Web site. “I’ve never seen her this happy, focused and healthy.”

Ronson has also quit smoking, and has been busy with her professional life recently.

“She slowly but surely got rid of all the things and people that were toxic for her,” the friend added.

Another insider said, “She is über-professional and takes her gigs very seriously. You can tell she’s passionate about her work.”

As for the 27-year-old Lohan, she is said to be on her long way to recovery after finishing her nth gig in rehab. She starred in a reality show from Oprah Winfrey’s network, in which she is seen trying to pull herself together.

However, it seems that her alcohol addiction just can’t go away that easily.

Reports claimed that the former child star relapsed at the Coachella Music Festival in April. She was allegedly hanging out with her 20-year-old sister Ali and a couple of friends when she was seen chain smoking cigarettes and drinking from a plastic cup with what appeared to be alcohol.

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