Is Sam Worthington The Real Reason Why Lara Bingle Parted Ways With Her Manager?

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Lara Bingle has parted ways with her manager, and rumour has it that it’s Sam Worthington’s order. The 26-year-old model, who previously complained about her lack of privacy in Australia, signed up with the “Avatar” star’s people in the U.S. after two years of being under George Moskos’ management.

Moskos said that their decision to part ways was mutual, and that he is now focusing on a new venture with Bingle’s fellow Aussie model Jessica Hart.

“Lara and I are no longer working in a management capacity together. Our business interests have changed and I’m looking forward to working on new ventures. I wish Lara the best,” Moskos said in a statement.

However, NineMSN claimed there was more to it than that. Apparently, the decision was neither Bingle’s nor Moskos’.

“The decision is all down to Sam,” a source told the site, referring to Bingle’s boyfriend. “He’s particularly controlling. She’s spending more time with him overseas so it’s pointless her having a team over in Australia.”


Bingle and Worthington admitted that they were dating only in October 2013. With a relationship so young, it’s baffling why Worthington has such a great influence on her.

It might be because they’re already married. It has been speculated in January that the two have already tied the knot after they were seen wearing matching rings in London.

When Worthington was arrested in February for assaulting a paparazzo who allegedly kicked Bingle in the shin, he was heard referring to Bingle as his “wife.”

Bingle’s Rant

Bingle gave an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day in January, complaining about her lack of privacy in her home country.

“Sydney’s my home but I don’t like it. I can’t even go to the supermarket without getting papped [snapped by the paparazzi],” she told the magazine, adding that Worthington also hated it because they “don’t get any peace.”

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