Sam Worthington Arrested For Assault Paparazzo Who Kicked Lara Bingle

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Sam Worthington and a paparazzo in New York City have been arrested and charged with assault. The Australian star allegedly punched photographer Sheng Li after he reportedly deliberately kicked Worthington’s girlfriend, Lara Bingle, in the shin.

The New York Police Department said that the “Avatar” star and the model were outside Benny’s Burritos in Greenwich Village on Sunday when they were aggressively pursued by Li, who blocked Bingle’s path and deliberately kicked her in the shin. Worthington then retaliated by punching the photographer in the face.

As a result, both Worthington and Li were arrested and charged at a nearby Manhattan police station.

“The photographer had lacerations to his nose and bruising to his forehead,” NYPD lieutenant John Grimpel was quoted by Yahoo News as saying.

When asked if Li’s kicking of Bingle was just an accident, Lt Grimpel replied, “I wouldn’t think so. No.”

According to E! News, both Worthington and Bingle were left bloodied after the altercation.

Worthington was charged with one count of assault in the third degree. He was released from custody on bail but is scheduled to appear in a Manhattan court on Wednesday.

Li, meanwhile, was charged with assault, reckless endangerment, and harassment. He also could spend a night in jail. He is set to face a judge before he is freed.

This isn’t Worthington’s first arrest. He was charged with disorderly conduct in November 2012 after he was accused of shoving a bouncer at a bar in Atlanta. The charges were later dismissed after the bouncer failed to show up in court.

Worthington and Bingle confirmed that they have been dating in October 2013. In January, it was speculated that the two got married after they were spotted wearing matching rings in London.

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