Sam Worthington Admits Lara Bingle Is His Wife; Video Of His Paparazzo Scuffle Caught On Camera

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Has Sam Worthington confirmed that he is already married to Lara Bingle? The “Avatar” star’s scuffle with a photographer has been caught on camera, in which he is heard referring to his fellow Aussie star as his “wife.”

Their altercation was caught on camera, and the video, obtained by the New York Post, was uploaded on YouTube a day after the actor and the photographer were arrested on Sunday.

Apart from the fight itself, what was remarkable about the footage is the fact that Worthington referred to Bingle as his wife.

“You want to f****** kick my wife?” he is heard confronting Sheng Li, the photographer who was aggressively pursuing Bingle.

It has been speculated in January that Worthington and Bingle, who confirmed that they have been dating since October 2013, have secretly married after they were spotted wearing matching rings in London.

They have remained mum about the marriage rumours, though. Worthington’s “wife” slip appeared to be the first time that he admitted it.


Worthington and a paparazzo were arrested and charged with assault after an altercation in New York City on Sunday.

According to reports, the photographer Li deliberately kicked Bingle in the shin while she and Worthington were outside Benny’s Burritos in Greenwich Village in NYC. Worthington retaliated by punching Li in the face.

Both Worthington and Li were arrested and taken at a nearby Manhattan police station, with the actor being released on bail afterwards. He was charged with one count of assault in the third degree, while Li was charged with assault, reckless endangerment, and harassment.

Credit: NYPost

Credit: NYPost

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