Sam Newman Refuses to Apologise for Accidentally Showing Off Genitals on Live TV [VIDEO]

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Sam Newman is under fire yet again after exposing himself on live TV. The retired Australian rules football player flashed his man parts accidentally while being assisted off a bed by a nurse at the live telecast of “The AFL Footy Show” on Thursday night.

Television viewers and live studio audiences from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre saw more than they expected when the 68-year-old presenter lifted the medical gown he was wearing and exposed a bit more than he intended to.

During a brief skit on the show, he was seen being pushed on a bed by a faux doctor and a woman wearing a skimpy nurse costume. He then hopped off the bed with the help of the nurse, but the unbuttoned part of his gown revealed his private parts.

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Heated reactions on social media quickly followed, with some people expressing outrage on Twitter, while the others laughed off the incident as typical of Newman.

For his part, Newman admitted that he was a bit worried, but otherwise unfazed by the controversy.

“I’m sitting here next to Garry Lyon who’s reprimanded me something fearful here so I’m just a bit worried about it,” Newman said in an interview with Triple M, referring to his co-host.

“I wasn’t aware that anything untoward happened so I’m not sure what I’d apologise for. In fact, I’m not apologising,” he continued. “I think possibly, inadvertently, people around the globe have seen appendages of various sizes and shapes. I don’t think it was offensive, but that’s only from my stance.”

When he was told “most people are giving you a round of applause,” Newman insisted that he didn’t mean to expose himself.

He also explained why he wasn’t wearing underwear during the skit.

“I went into the bathroom in my private quarters. They gave me a room, and I put all of my clothes on the couch while I went into the bathroom. When I came out, all of my clothes had been removed and taken backstage by the wardrobe people, whom I’m not blaming, incidentally.

“So I couldn’t locate my underwear. I had no spare. That is why I wasn’t wearing underwear,” Neman explained.

The incident is just one of many controversies that have followed Newman in the past.

The most recent was earlier in 2014 when he was accused of homophobia after he called NFL draftee Michael Sam’s kiss with his boyfriend on TV an “annoyingly gratuitous act.”

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