'Sam and Cat's' Ariana Grande Never Stopped Loving Jai Brooks, Nathan Sykes a Quick Fling

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"Sam and Cat's" Ariana Grande had broken up with Jai Brooks on August 2013 before dating Nathan Sykes. Due to her actions, Grande received a nasty Twitter rant from Jai calling her a cheater, but she's back with ex-boyfriend Jai and very happy. Interestingly, Ariana never stopped loving Jai, even if she was with Nathan Sykes for nearly four months! This is probably why it was easy for her to just forgive Jai's cheating accusations and go back to being his girlfriend. Does this mean she never loved Nathan Sykes?

If Ariana Grande still loved Jai Brooks even when she was with Nathan Sykes, she certainly hid it well. She was always acting sweet around Nathan and saying the nicest things about Nathan that everyone will say she already moved on from Jai. "Arianators" may recall Grande's interview where she gushed about Sykes' "gentleman" date. She even tweeted that she was so happy on September 24, 2013.

According to Hollywood Life however, Ariana never stopped loving Jai at all. The entire time she was dating Nathan, her heart still belonged to Jai. This may sound romantic to the couple's fans, but it could not be such a good news for Nathan. At least, Ariana did not let her relationship with Nathan last for more than four months. Unlike the "Jariana" break up, "Nariana" broke up in a civil manner.

"Nathan was a moment in time during heartbreak," Hollywood Life reports. Ariana and Nathan's stopped seeing each other for four months "because she ultimately still loved Jai," even though Jai publicly accused her of cheating on him with Nathan in Oct. 2013.

According to Wetpaint, Ariana did not mean to lead Nathan on. She did genuinely care about him. In fact, this is what she said after her breakup: "He's so talented. I am so glad to have met him and have a friend like him in my life. He's an amazing person."

However, everyone knows people's first loves are quite hard to get over from and Ariana did not get over it at all.

"Jai was her first everything and that is a very hard thing to break off from, especially for Ariana," Hollywood Life shares.

Ariana and Jai officially became a couple again after being spotted sharing a heartfelt kiss at the IHeartRadio event. 

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