'Sam & Cat's' Ariana Grande Had an Eating Disorder? [PHOTOS]


"Sam & Cat's" star, Ariana Grande is now under fire all thanks to rumour that started up on the web. According to the rumours, Ariana Grande had an eating disorder which led to her thin frame now. Yet, the red-head singer has made sure to address the rumours with a lengthy post on Tumblr.

Celebrities who suddenly lose weight are immediately dubbed as a person with anorexia or bulimia. Eating disorders in Hollywood stars aren't surprising but one celebrity refuses to be stereotyped as one. In a lengthy post on Tumblr, Ariana Grande addresses the rumours of her having an eating disorder. The post is as follows:

"Just didn't want you all to worry about me. Thank you. Xo: I don't usually like to address rumors but I felt like since some of you are worrying about me that I should take the time to write you all a little note to address this whole 'eating disorder thing'. First of all, thank you very much for being concerned about me but it's getting a bit blown out of proportion so that's why I chose to write this."

"Yes, I lost a bit of weight last year. It's because I stopped eating junk food and started making healthy choices. I was happy with the way I was before and I'm still happy now! Just healthier! To be honest I never really looked at myself too long in the mirror when I was younger, I just didn't care. (Which is why some of my red carpet photos are so mortifying). But the lifestyle change I chose to make last August is not and was never about being skinnier. I just wasn't taking care of myself at all. I was making really poor choices."

"This is about making sure the foods you put in your body will nourish you and be put to good use. The reason why I lost as much weight as I did is because I used to live on junk food. Like around the clock. So I drastically changed my eating habits, started exercising daily and I'm all around a healthier me. I'm eating as much as I was before just the content has changed." "And the way I'm eating now actually helped even out my blood sugar. As some of you guys may know I've struggled with awful hypoglycemia for my whole life and it's improved a ton since I changed my eating habits. Also, I've been coming up with these really fun, healthy, completely organic homemade snack recipes after work. I'll share some of them on Tumblr soon."

"So I'm sure a lot of you didn't want to or need to hear any of this but I felt like the rumors were getting a bit too out of control. I can't thank you enough for being concerned about me I really cant. It's very kind and I love and adore and appreciate you all so much. But any time you have any questions for me you know I'm always here to answer. Please don't draw your own conclusions or drive yourselves crazy because at the end of the day I'm really the only one who knows these answers anyway hehe. Love you very much."

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