‘Sam & Cat’ Star Jennette McCurdy Sexy Selfie Update: Ariana Grande Defends Her, ‘It was Hot, Who Cares?’

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The former “Sam & Cat” star Jennette McCurdy recently opened up about her alleged feud with Ariana Grande.  IN PHOTO: Jennette McCurdy arrives at the Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Awards in Santa Monica,
Jennette McCurdy arrives at the Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Awards in Santa Monica, California on February 18, 2012. REUTERS/Phil McCarten

"Sam & Cat" co-star Jennette McCurdy has got a friend in Ariana Grande. The singer is all up in supporting her co-star Jennette's sexy selfie incident. Last month, Jennette's racy selfies leaked online and according to the "Problem" singer "it was hot."

A series of sexy photos landed online and 21-year-old Jennette of "Sam & Cat" had to face the embarrassment. However, according to Enterntainmentwise, she received a lot of support on the set of the show. Also, her best buddy Ariana has given her approval to the pics.

"It was hot. Who cares?" said Ariana on 99.7's Fernando and Greg.

"When I saw those pictures come out, It was on Perez [perezhilton.com] or something. I was like - it was so funny because I should have been shocked - but I was like 'Work! OK Work."

Many people were surprised to see this avatar of Jennette McCurdy, but according to Ariana the reactions were pointless.

Ariana mentioned that her friend was in her bra and panty and she was not nude or the pics were tasteless. As a matter of fact, the singer found the pictures "tasteful."

"And booty too. She looked good. If you look like that you've got to make light of it."

Newsoxy reported both Ariana and Jennette will be taking a break from "Sam & Cat" as rumours emerge that the show has been difficult for the cast and crew. One of the highest rated shows on Nickelodeon was supposed to be a 20-episode show, but additional 20 episodes were added after it became popular.

After the selfie scandal involving Jennette, rumours had it that "Sam & Cat" will not be coming back for the second run. Also, people speculated that Jennette and Ariana's friendship is going through a rough phase.

However, these latest remarks by Ariana for Jennette suggest that they are doing fine together as friends.

As far as "Sam & Cat' is concerned, Ariana says the future of the hit show is not yet decided and she is grateful for the fans that have supported the show all this while.

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