‘Sam and Cat' Jennette McCurdy Racy Selfies Not to Blame for the Show's Cancellation?

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The hit Nickelodeon show "Sam and Cat" was one of the high rated shows from the network that stars Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande but it is rumoured to be in hiatus since the racy photos of Jennette were leaked online, according to E Online. However, sources say that the nearly naked selfies of the 21-year-old star was not to blame.

The "Sam and Cat" series is about two young girls who run a baby-sitting service and is most popular among younger audiences. Hence, when photos of McCurdy in her underwear went viral and the announcement of the show's hiatus was announced, most people suspected that it was all because of the pictures of Jennette.

The subsequent no-show of the former "iCarly" star in the Kids Choice Awards was also seen as a sign that the star may not be in good terms with the network executives. This was confirmed with a Twitter post from McCurdy telling her followers that she was not treated right by Nickelodeon.

On the other hand, her co-star Ariana seems to approve and like the pictures and even saying "It's hot," according to Entertainmentwise. However, there were some people who wonder why Ariana voiced her support for Jennette only recently when the pictures were leaked a month ago.

The two stars of "Sam and Cat" were reportedly not in good terms back then because of the difference in their salary. If the two did not have any problems then, why didn't Ariana air her support earlier? The mystery surrounding the show is still not solved since everyone connected to it only gave vague answers.

Still, experts say that these nearly naked photos will help Jennette's career, especially if she is eyeing more mature or adult roles, according to Fox News. Many child stars have gone through this same kind of transition since breaking through the sweet girl image is difficult.

Even if "Sam and Cat" will not go back for another season even with its high ratings, Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande will continue be in the limelight, especially when they have thousands of loyal of fans.

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