Saga of Racism and Controversies: Miss Universe 2013

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Racism, controversy and protests  - these three have become inevitable in international beauty pageants. 

Recently, Miss Brazil Jakelyne Oliveira, was shown behind a Twitter page slamming Miss Philippines Ariella Arida for allegedly making a "racist" statement about Latinas.

Oliveira, via a post on her personal Facebook page Oct. 24 clarified she does not have an account on Twitter. An automated translation of the post, which was in Portuguese, read as follows:

"Good afternoon direct from Moscow!  Personal unfortunately some people are using social networking profiles (Facebook and Twitter) in my name and publishing false information. Profiles my officers are this Facebook page Jaakelyne on Instagram. I have a profile on Twitter or any other social network. Stay tuned! And follow me here!

Please share this information with your networks to let more people know and follow the fake profiles. Thank you!"

Oliveira's Facebook account, which is tagged in the official Miss Brasil Universo (Miss Universe Brazil) page, had as many as 10,000 followers as of now.

As we have reported earlier before Thursday, a number of tweets from the account @MUBrazil2013 (The Twitter page, which was later set to private and subsequently deleted, used the name "Jakelyne Oliveira" as well as a photo of the Brazilian beauty queen for its profile).

Pertained to a comment about Latinas and speaking English fluently, which were one of the subjects in Arida's recent interview on the ABS-CBN News Channel's (ANC)  on ANC's "Headstart" show

"What if a Latina said people of the Philippines cannot even speak English?" One of the Twitter account's posts read, "You will be hurt, right? We just find it quite offensive."

"Some might find it offensive, but next time try to be very cautious before you open your mouth esp. [when] you are generalizing a certain race.

"When your race was being criticized you are overly sensitive, but when our race was put to shame, you are expecting us not to comment," two other tweets read.

"She should have tell it 'some and not all 'Latina' [community] cannot even speak English fulently, [because] it really sounds racist." In another tweet, @MUBrazil2013 added.

The account went on to retweet several posts, which appear to be from Filipino netizens, apologizing for the supposedly offensive comment made by Arida in her interview.

Arida's 'Latina' jibe

Arida got involved in a controversy unintentionally as she was asked by host Karen Davila to comment on controversy regarding her communication skills in English,  on ANC's Headstart show before she left to Moscow.

"'Is this our Miss Universe?'" Davila mentioned a Twitter post saying. "'I think she's having a hard time speaking in English.' Can you respond to that?"

Arida answered:

"When you get there, it's (on) how your express yourself. Latinas can't even complete a sentence... in English. I think it's (just) the Filipino(s) who are critical. Many of the candidates have a translator. But I know I'm gonna deliver," she boldly added.

This part of the interview became the subject of radio personality Mo Twister's online tirade  Arida's pageant mentor, Jonas Gaffud, shortly came to the defend her.

Arida has since apologized for the statement on Twitter, saying, "I didn't mean to offend anyone from my last interview. I hope you guys can understand what [I'm] trying to say."

Some pageant enthusiasts already seem not  to be pleased  with some of the Asian beauties are covered in the top Hot Picks of the people's choice poll at the Miss Universe 2013 official Facebook page and they expressed their  bitterness  and even ridiculed the Asians on Missosology's Facebook page.

"No Asians hahaha call me bitter ! but this is RACIST the fake enhanced beauties under the knife leads this hotpicks ," writes Obet Dizon.

" LOL. Racist prediction! No Asian. No dark skin. Sorry. Not valid," commented Indah Larasati Soeroso.

"What ...... ??? Not Vietnammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... No Asian," wrote another fan Chênh Vênh from Vietnam.

" No Philippines, Ukraine, France,Poland, Australia, Czech republic, Usa, Israel and Indonesia, Its a JOKE!!!!!," wrote Zj Asilo Albaytar.

" I dunno who your analysts are to even have the confidence to post your prediction list and call yourselves beauty experts lol. Missosology admins are just a bunch of ordinary pips like us who look at beauty no different from ordinary humans, too, like us. So who cares now with your prediction? Your choices are weird," wrote Jeremy Bascos on their Facebook page.

Miss Universe Myanmar, Moe Set Wine became the target of criticism on Burmese social media following the disclosure that she has competed as a Chinese beauty contestant, Andy Cohen has boycotted the pageant due to Russia's anti-gay laws, Miss Kosovo Mirjeta Shala's prohibited to participate in the contest resulted in Miss Albania Fioralba Dizdari's withdrawal from the pageant.

Now it's the turn of Missosology (the online magazine for global beauty pageants) has also swirled in controversy along with many other and more to come so stay tuned we are coming up with more contentious  and hot news pieces.

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