‘Saddest Story Ever’ Video Goes Viral – Shows How ‘Difficult’ Life Can Be

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A YouTube video of a man singing about an event in his life has gone viral. The video is titled "Saddest Story Ever" which shows a man singing and playing his guitar. The initial impression a viewer gets is that it is about a break up but the video has a surprise ending.

The video starts off with a man singing and with scenes of him crying. The singer then drops a photo of girl, Marzia, leading the viewers to believe that the song in the viral video is about a break up. But then a quick look at the description of the video says otherwise.

"No me and Marzia haven't broken up!" reads a part of the description of the video. The description also talks about life being "tough" and reminds viewers that they are not alone in their misery.

So what is the video really about? It is about the man dropping his ice cream. The author of the video drops his cone ice cream just when he is about to lick it and the lyrics of the song go "I've made my mistakes, got nowhere to run, the night goes on and I'm fading away, I'm sick of this life, just want to scream."

Although many get the joke in the viral video some just don't seem to get it. One viewer commented why there was a photo of Marzia in the video if it is about a fallen ice cream, have they broken up? The viewer was asked to look at the description in another comment.

Many of the comments focus on R.I.P messages for the dropped ice cream. But perhaps the real intention of the video was to showcase the author's singing capabilities. Some viewers have commended the author for his singing prowess, but not all agree.

The author of the viral video PewDiePie has over 26 million subscribers and the video "Saddest Story Ever" has over 4 million views. The author has posted about 1,728 videos and is quite popular.

The viral video has generated over 40,000 comments and many of them were concerned that he broke up with Marzia. Some of the viewers did not appreciate the video but the majority seemed to be fans.

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