‘Saddest Bear on Earth’ Slowly Going Insane in Zoo

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After the death of his companion two years ago the last polar bear in Argentina is reportedly depressed and maybe slowly going insane. A petition by concerned campaigners requests that the bear be transferred to a Canadian Zoo, where the cold temperatures would provide a natural habitat to the animal.

In 2012, a polar bear named Winner at the Buenos Aires City Zoo reportedly died due to an intense heat wave hitting the country that year. The bear now in question is named Arturo and lives in Mendoza Zoo.

The bear's behavior is said to have become abnormal. It was filmed pacing back and forth aimlessly, swaying its head and baring its teeth. The loneliness and the extreme heat may have been the cause for this behavior.

Polar bears normally live near the arctic ice. The polar bear can withstand temperatures of up to minus 40 degrees Celsius. Arturo is currently living in a place where temperatures can go up to 40 degrees Celsius. The pool meant for the bear to swim in is said to be just 50 cm deep and filled with stagnant water.

A petition in Change.Org requests that the concerned authority move the bear to Assiniboine Park Zoo in Canada. The petition has reached over 75,000 signatures and will be sent to the president of Argentina, Mrs. Christina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Celebrity singer Cher has tweeted in support of Arturo's transfer. She said that Arturo will be another death due to politics, in her tweet. There have been a growing number of people who question why the authorities are refusing to transfer the bear.

One possible explanation reportedly given by the authorities is that the bear is too old and too weak to make the journey. But according to a report by Winnipegsun.com, the Argentinean zoo does not have a minimum of three years of medical records of Arturo. The Canadian rules require three years of medical records to bring an animal into the country.

The polar bear Arturo is 29 years old. This is considered to be an advanced age for the species, which reportedly live for up to 18 years in the wild and for up to 30 years in captivity. Meanwhile many people have taken to the social media sites like Twitter to demand that the bear be moved to Canada.

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