‘Sacred’ 3 Release Date in August – New Trailer Weapon Spirits [Watch Video]

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The role playing action game "Sacred" 3 is set for an early release date in August. The new trailer of the game gives the viewers a glimpse of the gameplay and weapons. The game will be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

"Sacred" 3 will be released on 5 August, 2014; it was expected to be released by late August. The game is available for pre-order and the PlayStation 3 version is priced at $49.96. The game can be pre-ordered from Amazon, GameStop, Target and Walmart.

The game takes players back to the fantasy world of Ancaria. The new trailer of the game gives the viewers a glimpse of Weapon Spirits in the game. The Weapon Spirits will help players to level up their hero in the game and also make their equipped weapons more powerful.

The Weapon Spirits will increase the critical hits, hamper enemy movements, regain health and give powers to the entire team. The powers of the Weapon Spirits can also be used in the single player mode.

There are five heroes in "Sacred" 3. Serphim and Ancarian are the female classes and Safiri, Khukuri and Malakhim are the male classes in the game, there is a hero from each class in the game. Each hero comes with distinct fighting abilities and a unique weapon.

The pre-ordered game will include an additional Underworld story mission pack and also an additional playable character. The Underworld story will require the players to fight their way through to the top of a mysterious tower and confront the Black Seraphim, a character from the "Sacred" 2 game.

Claire is the hero from the Seraphim class. The sword wielding hero has to leave the Sanctuary and take the fight to the evil emperor Zane. Marak is the hero from Safiri class, a group of people living in the islands in the Southern Sea, he wields a mace.

Alithea is from royal heritage and belong to the Ancarian class; her choice of weapon is a spear. Vajra is an archer belonging to the Khukuri class, who are from the snowy peaks in the North. Kython is the hero from the Malakhim class, he uses blood magic and dual curved blades.

"Sacred" 3 is a co-operative game and viewers can see the players fight off multiple enemies in the trailer. The fast paced action role playing game with an engaging story line is expected to keep the players occupied for hours.

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