'Ryse: Son of Rome' DLC and Game Discount; State of Decay': Lifeline Details, 'League of Legends' Hexakill Coming

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Those who have been playing the Xbox One exclusive "Ryse: Son of Rome" can now get ready for a new expansion on Feb 28.

Over at the Xbox News Wire, Microsoft and Crytek have announced that they will be rolling out their "most ambitious and robust add-on to date" titled Mars' Chosen Pack.

The DLC pack will have new maps, a new character skin and new co-op gameplay called Survival Mode. This new mode puts players in the arena with a fellow gladiator and they would have to battle waves of enemies while their health drains. To regain health, they need to kill quickly or execute the enemies brutally, but staying longer in the arena brings more gold and experience with each wave cleared.

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"Survivor mode changes the strategy of the arena altogether. Though the premise is simple, the strategy to succeed is anything but. This is all about choosing when to kill barbarians and when to save them for later. Add to that all of the mayhem we will be throwing at you during your arena experience and it starts to get really tough really fast," said Justin Robey, senior producer at Crytek, about the new Survival Mode.

The five maps included in Mars' Chosen Pack include Firestorm and Dockyard for Survival Mode; a reworked Courtyard, which is now optimised for Survival Mode; and Pyramid and Obelisk, which will put players in ancient Egypt for Arena Mode.

The DLC will be available as part of the Season Pass, while non-holders can get it for $8.99.

In what appears to be an experimental move by Microsoft for the Xbox One, "Ryse: Son of Rome" will now be on sale until Feb 24, pulling down the price to just about $40. According to VG 24/7, other DLCs will also be offered on sale anytime between Feb 25 and 27.

'State of Decay's' DLC Has Been Teased, First With Logo

Undead Labs has been hard at work with "State of Decay," the open world zombie horror video game that has been one of the most acclaimed, so far, in recent zombie games. And now, the developer is rolling in a few teases for its next expansion.

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Called "State of Decay: Lifeline," the second expansion already has a logo, but that's pretty much all that the developer is ready to reveal. That and the tidbit that there will be a new map coming in.

There is no release date hinted, so far, nor are the creators ready to give any concrete features this early on, but what has been divulged, so far, sounds pretty promising coming from Undead Labs.

"All we can tell you is that it will offer you a new way to play your favorite survival game, that we intend to launch on PC and the Xbox 360 at the same time, and that yes, it will broaden your horizons by a few kilometers."

'LoL' Hexakill and Patch 4.2

Players of League of Legends have something to look forward to in the form of a new patch and the Hexakill mode.

The new featured gameplay mode will now add another member to the roster, which is basically the only new thing about the gameplay. Everything else, like the rules and the map, will be retained.

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"Double junglers, roaming supports and six man wombo combos are all on the table for this new mode. Experiment with team comps and discover new metas as you seek to hear the ultimate announcement, 'Hexakill,'" said the developer over at the official "League of Legends" Web site.

This seems to be Riot Games' way of trying out a new gameplay mode. Hexakill will be made available on Feb 20 and will end on March 2.

Aside from this, the Patch 4.2 Notes have been released. According to Riot Games, the main point of the new patch is to "create healthier gameplay patterns" with reworked ones like Skarner and Xerath. It's quite a long list, which players can access in the link above.

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