Ryan Goslings' Lady Friend, Eva Mendes turns 38 [PHOTOS]


The luckiest lady alive turns 38. Eva Mendes is now seven years older than her hunky and hot boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, but that doesn't make her less sexy or hot.

In fact, the 38-year old actress looks even finer and with three films out this year, she's bound to hit the red carpet premieres in a few figure-hugging gowns.

Eva Mendes is one brunette who proves not only blondes get to have all the fun. Apart from being with the hottest and not to mention sweetest guy on earth, Ryan Gosling, she's one bombshell herself who has made a name in Hollywood with her stunning looks and talented acting.

She broke into the film scene in 2001 as Denzel Washington's girlfriend in the film, "Training Day" but even before that she had a few film and television ventures with minimal roles.

In 2003, she won a few male hearts as Monica Fuentes in "2 Fast 2 Furious" where she starred alongside Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson.

Mendes tried her luck with the romantic comedy, "Hitch" in 2005 starring alongside Hollywood's big shot, Will Smith but it was her onscreen fiery love affair with Nicholas Cage in 2007's "Ghost Rider" that pushed her fame way up the charts.

In 2008, Eva starred in the comedy, "The Women" alongside Debra Messing and Meg Ryan and in the action-thriller, "The Spirit" with Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson.

Though her film ventures are one thing she's known for, half the population of women knows her as the woman who stole Ryan Gosling's heart. The two started dating in 2011 and are still together this 2012. Ryan had allegedly introduced Mendes to his mother making things officially clear that Mendes is for keeps.

Well, now that she's turned 38 the whole world is wondering if she'll be spending her special day with her equally special boyfriend, Gosling, who's currently filming in Bangkok. Considering her cover on the February issue of Marie Claire and her gushing on about her boyfriend being "a dream" then chances are the two already have birthday plans up their sleeves.

Here's to hoping she's too busy with her three films: The Place behind the Pines, Holly Motors and Girl in Progress, that she won't be able to spend it with Gosling but again what are the odds?

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