Ryan Gosling, a Strong Contender to Play the Role of Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey? [See Photos]

By @Ze_Charm on

Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey, have you not fainted yet from excitement? Since the announcement that Charlie Hunnam will no longer be playing the role of Christian Grey, fans have rejoiced and have started naming contenders for the role. A crowd favorite, it seems, is Ryan Gosling. The Canadian actor was also seen fit to play the role of "Batman", which was given to Ben Affleck, which came as a shock to many.  Nonetheless, after many movies would Gosling be the perfect Christian Grey? No doubt he would. The star gained popularity while starring with fellow Canadian, actress Rachel McAdams. The two had a 2-year relationship with each other after the movie that was about to end in marriage but for some reasons the two called it quits, Ryan still calls her 'one of his greatest loves'.  Do you think Gosling would make the perfect Christian Grey in the movie 50 Shades of Grey? He would, but the question is if he would be willing to fulfill the fantasy of millions of his fans to see him take over the sexually alluring role of Christian Grey. Gosling is a serious actor and he doesn't take roles for the fame or overrated quality of the movie but because he takes his acting seriously.  So for fans waiting to see Gosling get the role of Christian Grey it is rather unlikely he would accept it, but based from many unexpected casting of roles there is a probability that he could be the next Christian Grey. He might change his mind about taking on these kinds of roles and we know he'd be able to pull a Christian Grey anytime and fans would love it. Do you think he'd make a great Christian Grey? What do you think?

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