Ryan Gosling Soon-to-be a Father? Eva Mendes Reneges Over Promise to 'Not have kids'

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For all those you who have been swooning over the undeniably hot heartthrob Ryan Gosling, news about the alleged pregnancy of Eva Mendes might upset you. According to reports, the "Place Beyond the Pines" actress caused a commotion when she allegedly told the officers at the Transportation Security Administration that she could not go through the body scanner because she was "pregnant."

The news went viral but is not completely being denied by the actress' camp. According to a representative to MailOnline, the actress had always opted for being hand checked instead of going through body scanners. Eva sported a long green trench coat, which covered her svelte figure. It was not clear from what the actress wore if she was sporting a baby bump.

If the rumors are to be true, then the actress would have reneged on her desire to "not have kids." The 39-year old actress apparently told the press that she did not like to have kids and that she was commitment-phobic.

According to various sources, the two have not been seen in months together. News about their broke out after reports surfaced that the actress was fuming mad over calls from Gosling's ex-lover, Rachel McAdams. Moreover, Mendes is said to be deeply insecure-mysterious numbers on her beau's phone are enough to drive her agitated. On one hand, Gosling is said to have lost interest after having to deal with Mendes' apparent distaste for tying the knot.

The two met each other during the taping of the movie "Place Beyond the Pines" where they hit it off instantly and have since dated since late 2013. However, the two hit the rocks after a sudden realization. A close source revealed to Perez Hilton that "there was a realisation before Thanksgiving that they took things way too fast and were rushing toward a marriage that neither of them particularly needed. They've decided to take a break to re-evaluate their romance. At the end of the day they are both so uncertain about their future."

It is yet to be confirmed if the actress is indeed pregnant with what is to be her first child with Ryan Gosling.

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