Ryan Gosling Plays Gentle Goon against Bradley Cooper in 'The Place Beyond the Pines' [PHOTOS and VIDEO]


After playing a federal agent in The Gangster Squad, Ryan Gosling takes on a new role as a tattooed bank robber and a devoted father trying to make ends meet in "The Place Beyond the Pines."

Directed by Derek Cianfrance, the same guy behind "Blue Valentine," The Place Beyond The Pines is already raved by critics with its riveting suspense and superb acting. Gosling's boy next door looks is adorned with prison tattoos, a motorcycle and a huge responsibility to care for his son.

Named Luke Glanton, Ryan's character is a motorcycle stunt driver (very much alike with his past role as a stunt driver in "Drive"). Glanton becomes a bank robber to provide for his lover, Romina, played by Eva Mendez, and their son.

Starring alongside Gosling is Academy Award nominee, Bradley Cooper, who plays Avery Cross, a cop dreaming to be a politician who tries to solve the robbery started by Gosling's character. After getting high profile nominations for playing a bipolar romantic in Silver Linings Playbook, Cooper's performance in Pines proved to be more engaging with critics tagging the role as his best.

Another heavy hitter in the movie is Ray Liotta, who plays Deluca, also one of the antagonists in the film. Liotta's classic "bad guy vibe" trademark is effective, sophisticated, and convincing, which makes the ensemble even more appealing.

The women are as gorgeous and talented as the leading men in the film. Aussie actress, Rose Byrne, plays Cooper's loving wife, Jennifer. Eva Mendes, Gosling's off-screen love, didn't have to do much to be the love interest of Gosling in the film.

View the slideshow to see stills from the movie and watch the video below for the exhilirating trailer:

The Place Beyond The Pines will be released on May 9 in AU.

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