The Ryan Gosling Guide to Valentine's Day [PHOTOS]


The day of hearts has finally arrived and for those celebrating it with their lady love, might as well take cue from the hottest man alive, Ryan Gosling. Here are steps to making Valentine's Day a very Ryan Gosling like one. Be warned though because hard rock abs is a must.

One: Take the day off from work or school. It's just one day, the least any guy can do is spare one day for their lady loves. A dramatic exit isn't the way to go but a simple explanation is fine to get those packed bags on the go.

Two: Avoid the throng of people also going on dates. Cliché places like parks, cinemas and malls would gather the most love struck couples. Try a romantic dinner for two at a posh restaurant with the lady love because that is exactly what Ryan Gosling would do.

Three: Surprise the lady love with a song. Women are suckers for singers which is why those boys from One Direction get all the attention. Thankfully, Gosling doesn't sing crappy teenage hormone-induced songs about beauty and living young. Take a cue from Gosling and sing the classics - that'll bound to make her swoon.

Four: Shopping. Next to singing, women are known shopaholics. With the crowd slimming down by now, head out to her favorite mall and use all that hard-earned cash on the lady. Endure having to carry bags of merchandise and let her drive and lead the way to the next shopping location. Heck, Gosling has been spotted doing these exact steps for girlfriend, Eva Mendes.

Five: Dress appropriately. Take out the suit and tie because it certainly is a must. Copy everything Gosling is wearing from the shoes to the suit.

Six: Talk - really talk with the girl. Dinners can be quite boring but take cue from Gosling and have an enlightening conversation over the meal. Like Gosling's tips from "Crazy Stupid Love", shower the lady with compliments and talk about the person she loves most - herself.

Seven: Take a walk somewhere romantic - take that adorable pup for added points. Dogs plus walks - Ryan Gosling has mastered this squat.

Eight: Bed outfit. Well, everyone knows how it goes after dates and given its Valentine's Day something is always bound to happen. Though Gosling might have overdressed for this one, by all means do not opt for jumpsuits on Valentine's night.  

Nine: Abs. The reason why women just drool over Gosling is clearly his hard-rock abs. Score some of that and the ladies follow suit - plus one or more Valentine's Day dates in a day.

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