Ryan Gosling: Every Woman’s Fantasy, See GIFs of the Hunky Actor Here!

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As far as women are concerned, Gosling star of "The Notebook" is their ideal man. He is after all a decent actor and a man with very, very good genes. The star who had recently dated Rachel McAdams, co-star in "The Notebook" is said to still be dating Eva Mendes, who he met on the set of "The Land Beyond the Pines."

Recent reports have been saying that Eva Mendes is actually pregnant with Gosling's child, a first for them both. Mendes had said that she would never have children but was Gosling able to change her mind? Looks like it, who wouldn't want to have kids with Gosling?

As Gosling may be the man in every woman's fantasy, many can say that the star has been out of the public eye for some time now. Gosling is said to be directing his own movie somewhere in Iceland, which is said to debut his directorial skills.

Mendes too has been out of the public eye and has been keeping hush about the reports that she and Gosling have split, reports saying that Gosling has gotten back with former girlfriend, McAdams, who he had said to be his "greatest love," in an interview.

But the reason for this article is to show how hunky and sexy a man Gosling is. As posted by the Huffington post, let us all take a moment to watch these gifs that give justice to Gosling as both as an actor and a plain human being that looks pretty good:

See GIFs here: 25 Ryan Gosling GIFs To Brighten Up Your Day

If you're feeling down and want something to spice up your day then just click on the link as posted by the Huffington Post.

The latest news on Gosling for now is that he is busy focusing on his career but we all hope that he and "Mean Girls" star Rachel McAdams are a couple once again. 

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