Russian Meteor 2013 Blast: Ten Funny Memes [PHOTOS]


The 2013 Russian Meteor Blast became a historical event for the affected city of Chelyabinsk. While most people found the meteor blast as a terrifying experience, some Netizens decided to use a humorous approach to tackle the rare space phenomenon with the use of funny memes that immediately spread like wildfire on the internet.

The funny images created about the 2013 Russia Meteor Blast came from the eyewitnesses' photographs or video footages from the dashboard cameras installed in their vehicles. The news about the unexpected meteor blast started on an early Friday morning and the online ridicule on the incident began on numerous social networking sites.  

Some people wrote the message "Nothing makes you feel right like a morning meteorite" on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. For instance, username @buben_i posted on Twitter a comment that reads: "Thanks to the #meteorite, the whole world will learn to curse in Russian today."

The Chelyabinsk residents are often described as tough people and they were not spared from the social media mockery. A couple of one-liners were thrown at that says "Chelyabinsk is so tough that meteorites fall instead of rain."

Other funny 2013 Russia Meteor Blast images include the edited photograph of President Vladimir Putin riding the meteor, the flying Nyan cat with a rainbow trail and the famous Angry Birds placed over the meteor with its smoke trail.

Meanwhile, the Russian Orthodox Church senior members appealed to the public that the meteor blast should be taken seriously for it is a warning that people should cherish the importance of life and evaluate their religious way of living.

Metropolit Feofan, the top church official in Chelyabinsk, urged the people to thank God instead for not making the damages from the meteor blast severe. The 2013 Russia Meteor Blast injured more than 1,000 people and 3,000 buildings and windows were destroyed.

Take a look at the funny 2013 Russia Meteor Blast memes that broke out during the first reports of the meteor strike in Chelyabinsk.

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