Rugby Player Arana Taumata’s Racist Comments on ‘My Kitchen Rules’ Jessie and Biswa

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Penrith Panther's player Arana Taumata made racist comments against "My Kitchen Rules" contestants Jessie and Biswa.

Panther's rugby player Taumata was embroiled with controversies with a "racist" tweet he posted that was aimed against "My Kitchen Rules" contestants, Jessie Khan and Biswa Kamilla. The player referred to the girls as "curry munches" and even suggested that the two girls are "annoying."

"Get them two curry munches off #MKR they are just pure annoying now. Making the programme shit. ???????? #MKR," Taumata said on his tweet.

Well, there are divided reactions among viewers from their departure of the famous cooking show. Jessie and Biswa, also known as "The Spice Girls" of the show, received a lot of criticism from the beginning to their exit.

"My Kitchen Rules" viewers were either entertained or displeased of the two girls who are said to have "diva-like" attitudes, foul language and unfair behaviors towards other contestants. And while some people are relieved to have them leave the show, some are not about to let them go without a shower of racists comments.

It's just unfortunate for Taumata since he is a public figure and whatever he says will be magnified. The Panther's have already addressed the news and Phil Gould will meet with the 23-year-old athlete to talk about the incident.

Meanwhile, Taumata has already issued his apology via Twitter. The same place where he bashed  Jessie and Biswa.

"Just wanna apologise for the remarks I said last night about the two indian ladies on. #MKR If I offended anyone I apologise #MKR" he posted.

"The thing I am concerned about is the race comments. That worries me. We are caught between two worlds. The Indian community doesn't want to adopt us, the Australians just think we are a**holes," Biswa once said in an interview.

Well for reality shows that mirrors not only skills but also attitudes, it's easy to please and upset the viewers. But maybe in Jessie and Biswa's kitchen, they forget the mic and focus on the cooking.

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