Rudi Ruk Video of 30 Animal Sounds on Youtube Goes Viral

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A video of Rudi Ruk, the comedian and voice actor who made different animal sound effects, has quickly gained popularity on Youtube amassing over 200,000 views and more than 2,000 likes in just a week.

The 1 minute and 44 seconds video has gone viral showing a close up of the actor and comedian doing convincing sound effects of  various animals such as cat, monkey, lion, dog, rooster, seagull, elephant, velociraptor, and even frog using his mouth.

The Finnish beatboxer who has enough spare time in his hands put the following caption on his Youtube video: "This is what I do. Sounds. So I just thought to share my favorite animal sounds with you guys."

Viewers who definitely had laugh time watching Ruk revealed their feelings through their comments. One viewer said the rooster sound was the best while another said the frog and the seagull cracked him up with a long "hahaha" in his comment.

There were also viewers who could not hide their amazement on the actors' facial expressions while making the sounds. According to Guywithcrazyideas: "0:41 bird & 1:14 fly - his face is funny."

Although many of the viewers were amazed at the actor's feat, there was one who expressed his disbelief. Crossark1 said: "Some of these are obviously inserted after the fact, but I wouldn't say they're fake as much as screw ups fixed post production."

Another viewer was quick to comment on Ruk's defense and guaranteed the authenticity of the sounds he made.

BoomicSon said: "I've photographed this person in live situations, and can guarantee that this is what he does. No fixing in post. In live situations he wants no compressors, no effects but only microphone straight to PA-system. It's just what he does, and he is good at it. Come to Finland to see him live and you'll understand what I mean."

So for those who are in the farm, barn, or any place where they are faced with the situation to identify animal sounds, they can refer to Ruk's video for guidance.

Watch the video from Youtube.

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