Royal Tour NZ and AU Timetable: Where and When

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The official Web site for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge confirmed that Prince George will come with his parents' royal tour in New Zealand and Australia.

The royal family will arrive in New Zealand on Monday, April 7.

They will travel to Australia on Wednesday, April 16.

The royal tour of NZ and AU will end on Friday, April 25.

Prince William had been in and out of New Zealand and Australia before. His most recent visit to New Zealand was in March 2011, after the earthquake that shook Christchurch. In January 2010, he represented the Queen at the opening of the Supreme Court building in Wellington. In 2005, without the public knowing, he followed the British Lion's rugby tour.

In Australia, Prince William visited Queensland and Victoria in March 2011; Melbourne and Sydney in Jan 2010. When he was just 9 months old, The Prince and Princess of Wales took him on his first tour in Australia and New Zealand in March-April 1983.

This is going to be Kate's first visits to both countries.

Where and When:

New Zealand

  • Wellington (7th April, 9th April, 16th April)

Their first day will be spent meeting with 10 Plunket families. The presence of Prince George is yet to be confirmed for this schedule, but the society had already prepared a token for the royal baby - blue teddy bear.

Tristine Clark, president for the society, told Radio NZ that the 10 lucky Plunket families were not yet chosen, but she hoped that the event will go as planned.

"Probably just about what their children are doing at that stage; just talk about your worries  and your hopes and the development of your child at that ag, so I think it will be pretty laid back and casual."

• Blenheim (10th April)

• Auckland (11th April)

The couple will race each other on America's Cup boats.

• Hamilton and Cambridge (12th April)

The couple will open the National Velodrome cycling venue.

  • Dunedin (13th April)

• Queenstown (13th April)

The couple will ride the Shotover Jet.

• Christchurch (14th April)


  • Sydney, NSW (16th, 18th, 20th April)

• Blue Mountains, NSW (17th April)

• Brisbane, QLD (19th April)

• Uluru (Ayer's Rock), NT (22nd April)

NT Chief Minister Adam Giles announced that the public might have a chance to have a meet-and-greet with the royal couple.

"We obviously tried to get them to do a tour right throughout the Territory, but their timeframe and what it allowed, they have chosen to go to Uluru.I think that there may be an opportunity, but I don't want to speak too soon," he said.

And if ever baby George will come with his parents in Uluru, he will be showed Crocodile George.

Crocodile George was born on the same day as Prince George and was named after him to pay homage.

  • Adelaide, SA (23rd April)

• Canberra, ACT (24th, 25th April)

The Royal Tour of  New Zealand and Australia will also be an opportunity for the royal couple to attend events celebrating the countries' success in technology, tourism, sports and creative arts.

As part of the celebration of the one-hundredth anniversary of the beginning of First World War, Prince Charles and Kate will visit both Australian and New Zealand armed forces.

They will also visit an area of Blue mountains which was gravely affected by the bushfire that happened in October 2013.

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