Royal Reports: Queen Elizabeth Hands Crown to Prince William & Pregnant Kate Middleton

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  • Britain's Queen Elizabeth With Pope Francis
    Britain's Queen Elizabeth (L) shakes hands with Pope Francis during a meeting at the Vatican April 3, 2014. REUTERS/Osservatore Romano
  • Prince William
    Britain's Prince William watches the Beating Retreat military pageant at Horse Guards Parade in London Reuters
  • Kensington Palace ready for Prince William and Kate Middleton but the Taxpayers Shelled out £4.5 million
    While the refurbishment of their Kensington Palace apartment has generated heat because it cost the taxpayers around 4.5 million pounds, the young couple are keeping their fashion sense intact! Reuters
  • Prince William
    Britain's Prince William speaks to World War II veterans during the 70th Commemoration D-Day Ceremony in Arromanches Reuters
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Known as Europe's oldest monarch, Queen Elizabeth II is making a lot of buzz lately thanks to Kate Middleton's bare bum scandal and her declining health. On the recent issue of GLOBE, the reigning Queen of England is allegedly handing down the throne to Prince William and his pregnant wife Kate Middleton, and not to his son Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Ruling England and its independent Commonwealth counties: the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Ceylon and Canada, is not a walk in a park. But the 88-year-old queen is not in her best health condition to do all her royal duties which made a lot buzz that she will soon abdicate her post.

"In Elizabeth's perfect world she absolutely wants to decide to pass her power on to either Prince Charles or Prince William," according to a report posted on Celebrity Laundry. "Ruling England while on her death bed has never exactly been The Queen's style plus she has a true, deep-rooted love for her country so before it gets that bad she wants to know that a solid leader is in place."

Although it is Charles birthright to sit in the throne after his mother, the publication wrote that the queen's successor is Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Far more respectable than his father, Prince William and his young family are the best choice for the country, especially now that the future queen is pregnant with their second child.

But according to a report on ioL News, the queen is not joining the wave of sovereigns giving up the throne based on some experts, following Spain's King Juan Carlos announcement of stepping down from his throne. "She will die on the throne," said historian Kate Williams in an interview with the Web site referring to the Queen's oath that binds her until death.

"The queen will not abdicate because she is a consecrated monarch and she pledged to serve throughout her life," said royal historian Hugo Vickers. "She doesn't have to abdicate: if anything goes wrong, she can have a regency like George III."

Queen Elizabeth II will become Britain's longest serving monarch in September 2014 when she overtakes her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria's reign of 63 years and 217 days.

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