Royal Prank Call: Michael Christian and Mel Greig Reach Out to Jacintha Saldanha’s Family [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]

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Australian radio hosts Michael Christian and Mel Greig emotionally reach out to the grief-stricken family of Nurse Jacintha Saldanha. In the interview with Today Tonight, a weeping Mel Greig apologized to Saldanha's family for the hurt they caused with their prank phone call.

"We are thinking of you and if we could call you we would want to reach out to you. I've wanted to just reach out to them and give them a big hug and say sorry and I hope they are OK," Greig said.

"There's not a minute that goes by that we aren't thinking about her and her family, and the thought that we might have played a part in that is gut-wrenching," Greg said in another interview with A Current Affair.

Mel Greig revealed she has not stopped thinking about the time she heard the news of the nurse's tragic death. "It was the worst phone call of my life," Greig shared.

New South Wales police are currently helping the Scotland Yard with the investigation. The Australian radio hosts may be called on to supply evidence and eventually face the nurse's devastated family. "If that's going to make them feel better then I'll do what I need to do. If that's something that they want to do, to get some closure then I'll do that," Greig told Today Tonight.

Michael Christian also apologized to Saldanha's family and said that the phone call was meant to be a silly little prank. "I'm Gutted. Shattered. Heartbroken. The call itself was not malicious and no harm was intended on Jacintha, or the other nurse, or Kate, or Prince William, or anyone. We're incredibly sorry for the harm that we may have helped contribute to. It wasn't about trying to fool someone," Christian said.

Christian and Greig never thought of the tragic consequence of their prank call since all that they were waiting for is to be hung up on. "At every single point it was innocent on our behalf and it was just something that was fun and light-hearted and a tragic turn of events that I don't think anyone could've expected," Christian stated.

To make matters worse, Jacintha Saldanha's mother, who suffers from heart conditions, is not aware that her daughter already passed away.

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