Royal Family Gets their Groove On with Harlem Shake--Sort Of! [VIDEO]


The British royal family unexpectedly does the Harlem Shake, or so it would appear.

We all know the Harlem Shake has been reenacted by hundreds, if not thousands, of people on the Internet. This sensation began ever since the University of Georgia Athletics men's swim and dive team made their underwater version of it last month, and since then, everybody has been getting it on with the trend and making their own versions of the infamous shake.

After countless versions of the dance posted on YouTube, you'd think the flame would have died down by now--but you'd be wrong. This latest installment of the dance by "the royals" is certainly a feast for the eyes as the family gets their groove on in the video.

The Harlem Shake video features Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth, Charles, and Camilla, or, well, actors who look like their doppelgangers.

In the video, Prince Harry, the youngest and the most fun of the bunch, is the one to start the Harlem shaking. The Duchess of Cambridge's impersonator is the least look-alike, but Prince William's doppelganger is spot on. At some point in the video, he's even wearing a DeadMau5 headpiece. The actress playing the Queen is intense as she swirls a purple hanky around with gusto.

The video was created by "My Destination," a travel agency, which also happens to have another video created of a famous royal couple. In this video, two impersonators playing Charles and Camilla give the audience a tour around London.

Meanwhile, the hit dance track Harlem Shake by producer Baauer is currently the subject of a new controversy, with two artists claiming the music samples were used without their permission.

According to reports, former reggaetón artist Hector Delgado and rapper Jayson Musson were both told by friends that their voices appeared on Baauer's Harlem Shake. However, both claimed that the samples were used without their permission, and they seem to want a cut from the song's immense viral success.

But for now, let's not focus on the controversy and enjoy a giggle instead. Check out this cheeky video of the "the royals"!

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