Royal Engagement Coming Up For Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas?

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Britain's Prince Harry and beau Cressida Bonas frequent public display of affection increased speculation of the couple's announcement of royal engagement later this year. Since the Prince, 29, has reached the '"marrying age" for most royals, he is expected to follow the footsteps of his brother, Prince William who married Kate Middleton early in 2011.

Recently, Prince Harry and Ms. Bonas have been spotted watching the England's Six Nations International Rugby Union Match. While the rest of the crowd are fervently following the game, Ms. Bonas on the other hand looks more attentive of her prince boyfriend.

The couple are confident about their relationship more than ever. In the past, they have been doing their best to avoid the paparazzi; however on the We Day UK event last Friday (March 7), the couple looks not being bothered to see cameras directed at them. Ms. Bonas even posed for the photographers and kissed the Prince in front of them.

Prince Harry and Miss Bonas are dating for 2 years now, but have done everything in the past not to be photographed together even attending on a similar event. The charity event at Wembley Arena was the couple's first time to show their relationship confidently.

Ms.Bonas also called "Cressy" or "Smalls" graduated from Leeds University, Royal Ballet School, and the Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. However, she pursued a marketing career instead which is speculated to be a decision related to her being "trained" to be a future princess.

Prince Harry and Miss Bonas met through the Prince's cousin, Princess Eugenie. She is the daughter of sixties model Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon, and granddaughter to the late Earl Howe. Her father is Jeffrey Bonas who is the chairman of MacCulloch &  Wallis. She has four siblings and half-siblings as reported by SMH.

She currently has a marketing job in Soho. According to sources, Ms. Bonas is given the privilege to pass Kensington Palace where she and the Prince are reportedly spending time together.

Whether there will be a a royal engagement to happen soon or Ms. Bonas to be the new addition to the royals, that is still to be known.

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