Royal Bikini Baby Bump Scandal: Is Kate Middleton and Prince William's Valentine Ruined? [SLIDESHOW]


After private photos of a pregnant Kate Middleton and Prince William in Mustique were published by an Italian magazine, it seems that their privacy is again in jeopardy. Does this mean the royal Valentine's Day is already ruined?

Prince William took his pregnant wife, Kate Middleton, to a tropical vacation in Mustique for a Valentines getaway. Unfortunately, their private time is again invaded by paparazzi as an Italian magazine went ahead and published photos of the Duchess in her bikini, with her baby bump in full glory.

This saddened the Royal couple and members of the Royal security as they were assured 100% privacy in the Island. It seems that no matter what they do to protect the private lives of the Duke and Duchess, the paparazzi will always be there to snap away moments that the couple deem private and secure.

Chi Magazine, the same magazine that published scandalous nude photos of the Duchess during their French vacation last year, defends itself for shamelessly printing the said photos. Its editor, Alfonso Signorini, spoke about their magazine's intention and reason to publish the photos despite the global ruling of the protection of the Royal's privacy.

 "it is not possible to talk about a breach of privacy when public personalities are photographed in a public, open place such as (a) beach, attended by bathers'' says Signorini in a report.

"What our readers will see is simply a moment of joyful relaxation being enjoyed by a smiling, happy couple. Where's the scandal in that?" Signorini further added.

Other magazines based in different parts of the world are trying to get their hands on the photos as well. It was said that Women's Day from Australia, and Paris Match from France are offering as much as $1m to gain its rights to publish.

The publishing of photos could only mean a bigger surge of interest towards the Duchess' pregnancy, as if it's not already a huge deal around the world. All the Royals ask is for some alone time in a secluded island, but their wishes are not good enough for this special occasion.

Unfortunately, the Royal Valentines might be filled with controversy instead of romantic getaways and sweet celebrations. Let's just hope that the following days will be better for both Kate and William's privacy.

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