Royal Baby Watch: Prince William Under Fire for Mindlessly Driving Prince George 'Improperly' Tucked at the Car’s Back Seat

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The honeymoon period for the Royal family was too soon for eagle-eyed followers, now including mums from all over the place. With the birth of the third king-in-waiting, all eyes have been on the new Royal family and more scrutiny has been on the plates of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Barely two days after the birth of His Royal Highness, Prince George Alexander Louis, his first-time Royal dad, Prince William. has been under fire for improperly tucking him in at the car’s back seat, thereby breaking car safety rules, when he wheeled out to Kate’s mother’s home at Bucklebury.

Eagle-eyed shutters had captured Prince George at the car’s backseat, but mums on the ball didn’t escape the manner the Royal baby was placed at the car with his mom Kate. It didn’t take long for Prince William to plug the baby capsule into the seat before wheeling out in their Range Rover. But attentive mums watching the Royal couple closely noticed something that gave them a shock - - that Prince George was not properly strapped before wheeling out to Kensington Palace (to meet the Queen.)

While most admired the new dad's speedy handling - taking only second to plug the baby capsule into the seat before driving off - others noticed the one-day-old prince didn't actually seem to be strapped in correctly before they drove off to Bucklebury in the family Range Rover.

The horrified parents claim that with the Australian clothing still covering him in the infant’s carrier, the two shoulder straps were likely not firmly placed over his tiny shoulders. The “concerned parents” took to social media sites to point out what they thought was the Royal dad’s “carelessness.”

A mum on expressed how shock she was to see the child’s state, according to

She said, "I noticed this INSTANTLY and my stomach turned. I even posted it on Facebook. I'm SHOCKED!"

Even police authorities from Scotland gently made their reminders on the correct use of car seats.

"They may not be third in line to the throne but you need to make sure you're your little prince or princess is sitting in the correct seat when travelling in your carriage (or family car),” said officials in the Grampian region of Scotland.

They added, "It's important to remember that even in a minor crash, unrestrained children can be thrown about inside the vehicle, injuring themselves and others."

Would there really a big chance for Prince George get harmed in the family vehicle?

Others claim it is pretty remote, judging by the group of security that protect them as the Duke and the Duchess brought the Royal heir to the Kensington Palace to meet the Queen.

Prince William’s driving with the baby in the car may have earned the ire of some worried of the third king in waiting. But others just cut the first-time Royal dad some slack and didn’t think nothing of it.

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