‘The Rover:' Robert Pattinson FINALLY Wraps Filming in Australia! [PHOTOS]

Robert Pattinson Confirms Production Team Finished Filming ‘The Rover’ in Australia


Robert Pattinson has confirmed that the production team for The Rover has wrapped filming the futuristic crime-thriller in the outback of South Australia.

The actor also said in an interview Down Under that he has three weeks to rest before embarking on another journey of filming more upcoming projects.

But wouldn’t you want to find out where Robert had been in the last seven weeks? While the details of location shoot had been on the need-to-know basis, millions of fans were kept guessing where he really was.

The series of photos with fans in various locations in Adelaide were enough for his fans who are dying to know what he was up to since mid-January. Not anymore.

In the last two months, Robert and Guy Pearce, along with the small production group had for their home, a small town in Australia, called Marree. It is located 65 km north of Adelaide. In the film, the actor has completely transformed from the usual dashing debonair into a dirty, newbie criminal - - and he, noted news.com.au “has endured the seven-week summer shoot, getting his hands dirty in the dusty Australian desert.”

“It’s added lots to the performance – being covered in dirt, pouring sweat, with tons of flies around, you lose your inhibitions quite quickly,’’ Robert was quoted as saying in an interview on set of The Rover, according to news.com.au.

Most sequences were filmed at the intersection of the Oodnadatta and Birdsville Tracks in Marree, Adelaide. With a population of 90, the location was a welcome change for Pattinson.

“That’s good in some ways,’’ says Pattinson. “You definitely end up making a different movie. Being in the desert has a funny effect. It does change you in a way,” the actor said, underscoring how the film has “changed’ him.

In the film, Robert takes on the character of Rey, a brother of Eric played Guy Pearce. Directed by David Michod, the title of the much-anticipated film refers to Pearce’s character, of whom would not be complete without Robert’s supporting role. Rey is a naive, newbie criminal who was enjoined by his brother Eric, a damaged, solitary and a man with no hope in the futuristic crime thriller.

Wondering when Robert will be back to the states? The actor has remained mum about it but confirmed that he will be taking a three-week break before starting working again. He also confirmed being part of three more upcoming projects this year (details of the films, to follow).

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