Rose from 'Titanic' Movie is Not a Fake Character: Letters From Past Reveal the New Truth

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Who can forget the historic movie "Titanic" and its die hard romantic characters Jack Dawson and Rose? Their love story has been embedded in the hearts of everyone who has ever been in love and understands what true love is all about. It was tragic and heart wrenching to see Jack die in the end and leave Rose all alone in the world to survive. It is a common assumption that "Titanic" is just a fictional love story and Rose and Jack never existed. The latest research findings, however, claim that Rose existed and is not a fictitious character.

According to a recent research and newly translated documents, there was quite possibly a woman named Rose on board of RMS Titanic. She not only survived the tragic shipwreck but also wrote about it, Perez's reports.

One of the letter collectors on has translated a few letters from 1955, which is signed by Rose Amélie Icard. These letters describe the tragic events that took place on the night when the gigantic ship Titanic sank.

"Towards eleven o'clock Mrs. Stone [Icard's employer] and I went to bed. Three quarters of an hour later, as the liner was cruising at full speed, a terrifying shock threw us out of bed," Rose Amélie Icard writes in the letter.

"...we witnessed unforgettable scenes where horror mixed with the most sublime heroism. Women, still in evening gowns, some just out of bed, barely clothed, dishevelled, distraught, scrambled for the boats...."

The letter goes on to talk about one Mr. and Mrs. Straus who too were on board.

"Near me were two handsome elderly [people], Mr. and Mrs. Straus, proprietors of the great store Macy's of New York. She refused to go into the boat after having helped in her maid...

She put her arms around the neck of her husband, telling him: 'We have been married 50 years, we have never left each other, I want to die with you,'" Rose writes in the letter.

Isn't it surprising that the scenes depicted in James Cameron epic movie are almost similar to the description of the letters. Could there be a possibility that the ace director read the letters before he made the hit Oscar winning movie?

If you are wondering about Jack's authenticity, here is some bad news. There was no evidence found in the letters that a character named Jack existed or travelled in the ship or had an affair with Rose. Only one Jack is there and that is our very own Leonardo DiCaprio. Readers can read rest of the letters here. 

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