Ron Perlman's Next Move After a Killer 'Sons of Anarchy' Show, Actor to Star in Amazon’s 'Hand of God'

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After a killer sixth season on FX's "Sons of Anarchy," Ron Perlman is moving on from his role as SAMCRO's ruthless ex-president Clay Morrow and this time he is playing a religious man. The SOA star is scheduled to star in "Hand of God," Amazon's pilot series directed by Marc Forster.

Killed during the show's sixth season, Perlman's character has been compared to Claudius in the Shakespearian inspired drama series. "I'm playing Claudius, and Claudius doesn't make it to Act 5," says the 64-year-old "Hellboy" star.

"So I was ready for this. If it's an examination of power, you have to see the new king when he's not mirrored by the resonances of the old king. You have to see what he does when he stands alone in the world. And as long as Clay is around, he can't do that," he added.

When asked how he wanted to die as Clay Morrow, the "Pacific Rim" star imagined his death to be "completely unselfish." "I just wanted it to be connected to something completely unselfish. This is a sociopathic world. We're not nice guys. We're outlaws. We're ruthless," Perlman revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Now joining the club of well-known actors, the former "Men of Mayhem" is venturing into video series available online and will co-executive produce the Amazon's pilot drama "Hand of God." The network has given the new series the green light for its third pilot season which is scheduled to debut later this year.

The actor will play Judge Pernell Harris, a hard-living and law-bending man turned vigilante to seek the man who tore his family apart. Without concrete evidence, Pernell rely on the "visions" and "messages" whom he believes are being sent by God through his ventilator-bound son.

Written by "Burn Notice" creator Ben Watkins, "Hand of God" will also star two-time Emmy winner Dana Delany as Perlman's protective wife Crystal Harris. The talented actress recently starred in ABC's "Body of Proof," and is known for her role in in "China Beach" as Colleen McMurphy.

"Sons of Anarchy" Season 7 will kick off on September.

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