Roger Federer Fed Up With Retirement Rumours

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Roger Federer ended his dreadful season with a loss against Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) World Tour Finals. In 2013, Federer has truly suffered shocking defeats, and he was unable to finish the season with flying colors.

Undeniably, Federer's professional career seems to be fading. Some say that it may be time that the former World No. 1 hangs up his tennis racquets for good and focus on his domestic life.

However, Federer is adamant that retirement is never going to be an option for now. His love for the sport is just too strong to forget about. "Tennis is something that is always there in your DNA," said Federer. "This is what I used to do as a little boy," he added. "Clearly today, it is different than when I was younger, but it is really something that I enjoy doing," he said.

Romanian former professional tennis player Ilie Nastase has also backed Federer up regarding retirement rumours. "I wish people would stop saying that Federer has to retire," said Nastase. "I think he can play for as long as he wants," Nastase added. "I do not have the same opinion with those people who say that you should retire when you are no longer in your prime," he said. "Federer does not need to prove anything," Nastase concluded.

In all modesty, it really can put a lot of pressure on Federer when people say that he should stop playing your sports just because he has failed to entertain them with successive victories. Just because he is no longer World No. 1 does not really mean he should give up tennis. It happens to all the athletes. You just cannot stay on top forever.

Federer may have had a tough season in 2013 but he is definitely preparing for a big comeback. He has constantly been training to better his playing skills and to delight the fans in the upcoming season. He will also face Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on charity match in January. It looks like Federer has been getting ready for it because he has been sharing pictures of him while on training on Twitter, so he will be back, that is for sure.  


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