Robyn Lawley's Cosmo AU Cover a Breakthrough in Magazine Covers

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A lot of plus-sized models and celebrities have posed for the cover of various fashion magazines; but most of the time, as Tony Posnanski of Huffington Post notes in his open letter, the description 'plus size' takes the focus on the models' size and weight and away from their modeling talent.

In what might be a response to Posnanski's open letter, Cosmopolitan Australia responds by featuring Robyn Lawley in the the cover of its March issue, which will be out in newsstands Down Under Monday, February 3. 

During her interview for the magazine, Robyn also frowns upon the 'plus size' label to describe her body because "it puts women down and it puts a label on them." Indeed, Cosmo veered away from the word 'plus size' and put her in a more positive light with a 'supermodel' description and the phrase "Ending the 'thigh gap' obsession."

But it was not the first time Robyn posed for a magazine cover -- she has previously graced the covers of Vogue Italia and Elle France. And it was not her first time to shoot for Cosmo Australia, either -- in 2013 she did an editorial spread for the magazine featuring her own swimsuit line.  

Various fashion observers has lauded Cosmo AU's move towards a more positive body image through their March cover girl. Elle is pleased that the magazine presented "a sexy woman in a sexy outfit on the cover of a sexy magazine without calling out her weight is nice to see." Huffington Post, on the other hand, hopes that with this stunning cover and the positive message that it exudes, "perhaps the American magazines will take note."

Now that Cosmo Australia heeded to Posnanski's call, surely the rest of the magazine sector should take notice. And eventually, the fashion industry will realize that a model should not be without any body distinction.  

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