Robsten Twiangle Saga: Robert Pattinson’s Ex, Kristen Stewart Finally Confronted Hunk’s Rumored Gf, Katy Perry [PHOTOS]


The little movie in Robsten Romance continues as the latest news on the Twiangle Break-Up Saga has Kristen Stewart reportedly mustering her guts to finally confront Robert Pattinson’s rumored girlfriend, Katy Perry.

Amidst reports that Russel Brand’s ex-wife has rekindled romance with John Meyer, Katy still got caught in the middle of the Robsten split. This, after a British publication, Now, reported early this week that indeed Kristen asked Katy straight out if there’s something the Speak actress should know.

Stunned and caught off-guard, the source claimed that Katy denied any romantic feelings for Robert during the ugly conversation she had with Kristen, who frantically confronted her on the phone.

"Kristen called Katy to ask her straight out," a source was quoted as telling Now magazine, said Enstarz. "Katy was stunned and things got awkward. She said there was no way she was messing with Rob, but Kristen didn't believe her. Katy got off the phone as soon as she could."

Kristen made the call days before the 2013 MET Gala in New York City on May 6. Still known to many as friends, Kristen and Katy brave to see each other in the company of other friends as they were reportedly with Rob and the whole gang the night of the MET Gala. But things got really ugly that there was an apparent gap between them because of the unfinished business that left Kristen angry and devastated.

"Kristen went nuts then burst into tears," the source reportedly told the British publication.

It will be recalled that Robert was spotted leaving LAX and flying in to New York on May 2 to attend the indie band gig. Leaving Kristen in L.A. dining in a Mexican restaurant with friends, Robert was later seen with Katy Perry, and soon, reports have had it that the supposed friends were finally alone in smaller groups after the concert, and they were seen getting close (but not being romantic). This was the same day Robert was snapped in the arms of British playwright, Polly Stenham.

Robert and Katy were never pictured together in the said event. Sources, however, have described them having “intimate dinner” following the Daughter concert. But not one of them was seen with Kristen either, days later.

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This should not surprise millions of tween fans why Robert didn’t accompany Kristen at MET Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of the Arts four days later. The former Twilight lovers were only seen reunited after weeks on May 8, when they were spotted leaving a high-end cafeteria at the Big Apple then headed to JFK airport. Robert was seen drunk that same night (but fans should really give it to Robert as he handled himself pretty well in photos - - check out the ones with Rob wearing cup, looking downwards while being driven by a friend from a high-end hotel in L.A.)

Five days later and almost two weeks after Kristen made the frantic call to Katy, the Robsten Romance was over as they headed to their second split. And the rest, they say, is history.

Should Kristen have not made that call? Would Robert have stayed if she didn’t?

START the SLIDESHOW and take a look back at many different moments of Kristen, Robert and Katy. More photos of the three together in one event (when they were all still friends) can be found here.

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