Robsten Twiangle Saga: Katy Perry’s Role in Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart Split [PHOTOS]


Katy Perry is a friend of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Katy has always been with Robsten and it has been reported that Katy Perry has also played a big role in the Robsten break-up.

Katy was with Kristen in many Hollywood events when Robert wasn’t there. Kristen and Katy cuddled at the 2013 KCA Awards, Kristen would take pictures at the birthday celebration of Katy’s assistant, Katy was with Robsten at the Coachella festival and she was with Rob at the daughter’s concert in New York.

These and many other get-together Robert and Kristen have had with Katy have pictured Katy a real close friend to the couple. But in the end, a friend of Katy asserted that Katy’s loyalty has always been with Robert and she allegedly had to make sure that Robert gets it right this time, resulting in Robert leaving Kristen for the second time.

It all began when Robert and Katy both attended The Daughter concert in New York City in early May.

A friend of Katy, Bella Rapone, brings millions of Tween fans and Robsten critics to the night Robert and Katy were together at the Daughter concert, noting it was pretty clear “Robert and Katy always liked each other.”

 “She and Rob started off in the Bowery Ballroom, where they watched a gig by the indie band Daughter with a whole bunch of people, mainly pals of hers," Bella Rapone was quoted as telling the Daily Star by

It was long after when Robert and Kristen was with less group of friends.

“Then they took off with a smaller group for a much more intimate venue, The Spot at the Trump SoHo Hotel, where it was ­obvious there was ­chemistry between them," Bella also said, adding, “They’ve always liked each other.”

Rob’s trip to New York alone to watch the concert with Katy ensued a bigger fight with Kristen. There were reports that came out describing Rob’s intimate moments with Katy Perry but it died down until Robert and Kristen got reunited after the 2013 MET Gala. Robsten were seen leaving New York on May 8 and they were never photographed together again since then - - until the news of the Robsten split made headlines third week of May.

The couple has reportedly not in speaking terms since Robert packed his things and moved out of Kristen’s place in Los Feliz on May 19, 2013.

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