Robsten Romance: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Out on Golf Date in Los Feliz [PHOTOS]

Twilight Lovers, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Hit Golf Balls in Los Feliz


The Robsten Romance keeps getting stronger everyday. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have gone on golf date Tuesday, March 26, according to an eyewitness who spilled the beans taking to Twitter. While everyone was enjoying the series of photos snapped of the couple having short walk in Los Angeles on Friday, March 22, the celebrity couple was having a good time playing hitting golf balls in a course near their neighborhood in Los Feliz, L.A., on Tuesday.

The reported golf employee described how the Twilight lovers were having the time in the world, all by themselves away from the entrusive eyes of media lenses and even loyal tween fans. Kristen was the first to be spotted in the pro shop around late afternoon of Tuesday. She purchased a bucket of balls, then walked around the course before meeting up with her British-born hunk. "After they retrieved their balls, Kristen gave Rob a little kiss and then they headed toward the course. They looked like they were really enjoying themselves," the source noted, according to

The pro shop employee named Jeff Lewis was one of the personnel who confirmed the time that the couple came in. Lewis took to Twitter and shared his once in a life-changing experience that he declared himself being into “Team Edward.”

Jeff Lewis: “Kristen Stewart and Rob Patterson just came to my golf course at our "super twilight" time.... What does this mean?!?” (11:47 PM - 26 Mar 13)

Well, Jeff it only means you’re right that they came in at a twilight time. And this means, that they indeed didn’t want to be seen by many that they chose such time to play golf. The pro golf personnel added in his Twitter that he suddently earned the ire of Robsten fans after mispelling Robert’s name: from Pattinson to “Patterson.” He later said in his tweet after five hours:

Jeff Lewis: “I'm in a twitter feud with Rob Pattinson fans cuz my phone changed his last name to "PattERson". And I'm SO team Edward. #Misunderstood.” (4:08 AM - 27 Mar 13)

A look at his Twitter biography revealed that Lewis is an artist, too. And subsequent tweets showed him clarifying earlier reports that he is a golf personnel. Lewis is apparently moonlighting as golfie employee when not trying to make a name in the music industry. His bio described Lewis as “an American pop and urban musician, singer-songwriter, recording artist, and music producer.”

Jeff Lewis: “@Lillicat1 @FlippyRobsten lol I work at a golf course. I know what it is. Just ironic those two showed up right at "Super twilight"!”

What does this mean, Jeff? You were not riding on the couple’s popularity, were you? This is not the first time that the couple were seen playing golf. At least for Kristen. She had also gone playing golf with her Dad in Malibu in July 2012. Check out K-Stew’s stance in the series of photos in the SLIDESHOW below. More photos can be found at the oceanUP gallery here.

Robert’s return and decision to move back to Kristen’s pad in Los Angeles is one strong sign that she has nothing to complain and all we ought to hear is her heart singing. The two has naturally put their relationship back on track. They were out there for everyone to see

They were first seen at Ye Rustic Inn Bar in Los Feliz on Tuesday, March 19. The Twilight lovers were again spotted attending a birthday celebration for Katy Perry’s assistant, Tamra Natisin, at an intimate party in a restaurant in Sta. Barbara on Wednesday, March 20.

The third time they were seen on a casual date was on Friday, March 22. The couple, like any ordinary sweethearts were taking short walks in the streets of LA. They wre also getting loved-up, managing to sneak a little PDA at a grocery store in Los Feliz the same day.

The celebrity couple, according to The Sun in an exclusive interview, is planning on a summer European road trip. This has been arranged by Robert as if he wanted Kristen alone and away from entrusive cameras of paparazzis.

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