Robsten Romance: Kristen Stewart’s New Lane on the Road to Love, Robert Pattinson Who? [PHOTOS]

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 Whether it is for publicity or Kristen Stewart simply finds a new “lane” on the road to love again, reports that Robert Pattinson’s ex is reportedly moving on from four years of Robsten romance and the "Camp X-Ray" actress has found help being distracted by co-star, Lane Garrison.

While Rob is busy filming "Maps to the Stars" and getting hot and heavy with co-star, Mia Wasikoswka, Kristen for her part has her hands full with Peter Sattler’s drama film and enjoying Lane’s company.

In "Camp X-Ray", Kristen plays the role of a young female soldier named Cole and she joined the military in hopes to be away from it all, start a new life and there could never be anything better than doing it serving her country.

Cole wanted to be assigned in Iraq where the action is. But she was instead shipped off, not far away from home. Cole was sent to Guantanamo, a temporary detention facility. Located at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, the detention camp by the Joint Task Force Guantanamo serves as a half-way detention for suspected terrorists.

It is in the detention where Cole met her superior officer, Sergeant Randy, played by Lane Garrison. And judging by Lane’s profile of roles in past projects, it is safe to assume that he was not being gentle with Cole (Kristen) as he was trying to make a move on the young, brunette soldier.

Apparently Lane’s role in "Camp X-Ray" as Randy has been translated into real life as co-stars have been enjoying each other’s company since meeting on set.

With Lane, however, Kristen may be developing a romance a far cry from Edward of Twilight series. Lane is known for his bad boy image, exacerbated by the criminal records in his name including misdemeanor and drunk driving that resulted in a death of a 17-year-old victim.

But it seemed that Kristen has embraced even the “flaws in character” with even her elder brother raising concern over the growing “friendship” between co-stars. And they seemed to heat things up as they reportedly taken their “friendship” to the next level.”

"Kristen was enjoying Lane's company and he was spending a lot of time with her at her home,” a source was quoted as saying, according to Yahoo OMG U.K.

Earlier reports claim that Kristen allegedly invited Lane to stay at her home while filming "Camp X-Ray" as soon as she found out that he was then staying at a hotel. The Dallas native is not based in L.A.

The source added, "He doesn’t live in LA so he moved out of his hotel when they became close and moved into the guest wing of her house in Los Feliz."

Kristen’s elder brother, Cameron is concerned about her relationship with Lane which gets stronger every day. The Runaway star seems oblivious of Lane’s dark past.

He had already been jailed for manslaughter after killing a 17-year old boy while driving drunk in 2007. Then in April 2012, his girlfriend, Playboy star Ashley Mattingly accused him of hitting her in the face.

Kristen’s brother has a reason to be alarmed.

"Kristen’s big brother, Cameron, has told her he’s concerned about the new relationship, especially since his recent arrest after his jail term.

Everybody needs a second chance! Kristen got once, twice from Rob. Why not Lane from Kristen?

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What about Rob who has admitted being “lonely” in a recent interview with GQ magazine. Without so much as associating his loneliness with Robsten split, the actor claimed that it gets to be lonely sometimes. And the sadder part was, “people don’t realize how lonely he could be.”

As he talked about being successful, definitely now with Robsten romance but his career, Rob claims he has no idea what “normal life” feels like.

He said, “It's strange, you can't have a normal life. You spend a lot of time trying to fight it but at the end, you end up finding a new way to live. People don't notice how lonely you are."

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