Robsten Romance: 5 Ways Robert Pattinson STILL Loves Kristen Stewart [PHOTOS]

Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart: Robsten Romance could STILL be Alive


Every single one of the millions of tween fans must have cried with Kristen Stewart and must have had the same long face as Robert Pattinson’s gf when she was snapped a bit more emotional and feeling blue inside a friend’s car after the couple’s HUGE fight.

The Twilight lovers were reported to have a big fight - - still not confirmed or for whatever reasons but critics’ earlier claims included it emanated from Rob’s getting heavily drunk on a night out with friends.

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The latest series of photos taken of the Speak star spoke more than what the privacy-loving couple would care to admit about the real score of their relationship. This report had then intensified subsequent news that the “immortal lovers” are headed to splitville once again.

But since no words have come from each of their representatives and no U-Haul trucks has been spotted emerging from their lovenest as of yet, the couple’s millions of tween fans could be heaving a great sigh of relief and the powerful couple could actually still be together.

Here are five ways Rob could still love Kristen and he has no reason to leave her again:

1. They are still very much together. Rob hasn’t left. He hasn’t packed his beige duffle bag again and his small backpack and flying out of LAX and into his mom’s and sister’s arms, to whom he both has great relationships and strong connection to. The Hunk actor is still in L.A. and he has just been busy hanging out with his male BFFs.

"They are absolutely still together but are having some difficulties right now," a source was quoted as telling E! News Thursday, May 16.

2. The “trust” poll (no) effect. Kristen Stewart ranked lowest in the survey, “Most Trusted People of America” conducted by the Reader’s Digest recently. With only 24% in her scorecard, Kristen hit the rock bottom literally, as she was recorded the Hollywood star at No. 100.

But Rob remained unfazed by the latest setback in his relationship with Kristen as he was being criticized for staying with a woman on the lowest level of the totempole of Most Trusted people. That is called Love.

3. He remains quiet about break-up issue The British-born hunk has earned the respect of American people and the whole world, when he never spoke ill of Kristen when devastating photos of Kristen with Rupert Sanders rocked his world, as well as his family, friends and the whole entertainment industry and their millions of tween fans. Not one word did come out of Rob blaming Kristen or accusing her of anything. He suffered in silence, retreated to Reese Witherspoon’s Texas home instead of badmouthing his girlfriend. That was Rob. And he still is the same. Whether or not it is clear he is having relationship problems with Kristen, Rob’s lips are sealed (and they could only be open for K-Stew).

4. Priorities The couple may just be experiencing a phase in their relationship - - a post-Twilight effect and they are still finding who they are and what could they be doing in their careers. What next moves to work on to ensure a more viable and greater future together.

 "Priorities," the insider said, according to, adding, "They are absolutely still together but are having some difficulties right now."

5. The Robsten Romance is still alive because Rob and Kristen are “crazy in love.” The source said, "But "they'll be fine. I do not foresee a split, they are just crazy in love. This is just another bump in the road."

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